I have no one

by Syble
(Dallas Ga)

Hi I am 77 yrs old and live alone. I have 5 dogs which I love very much. Is a lot of activity around here, they don't eat together or play together. so takes up my time.

Gets lonely here, my two kids don't come around or call or write. My daughter has turned my Grandkids against me.

I have one sister I talk to. I know there has to be more to life.
As it is now we can't visit, not that I have anyone to visit. my friends were mostly co workers or done gone on.

No I am not having a pity party, life is what it is. and I do have a good life, roof over my head, food to eat. I would like to do something for someone, and have someone to talk to.

Hope this is the site to do it. Syble

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by: Pat, Delaware

5 Dogs.....AH.....the power of our pets. They certainly can make a difference in our lives.

As an idea, I have a friend who organizes a lunch outing every other month for the seniors in her development. She even drives those, to the chosen restaurant, if they cannot drive themselves. This has turned out to be a much anticipated event that everyone looks forward to. It gives everyone a chance to sit and chat outside the home and get to know each other and of course enjoy good food.

I Know How You Feel
by: Canadian Retiree

I can relate to how you feel. I’m retired and really miss my job and coworkers. I do have my husband and he is retired as well but we are on our own. We have no children and family has moved away. We both lost our moms in 2016. Our dad’s passed years ago. My husband is not well and isn’t a social type. I never see much of my friends or family. It’s lonely. Thanks for listening.

Do something, anything
by: June in Wisconsin

I, like you, am alone. I have a niece and her husband, a nephew, his wife and a great niece, age 7. They have very busy lives and though they live within 25 miles we do not see each other too often. Still am close with many coworker's, I am retired al out 7 years. I have two dogs who drive me nuts but are good company.

I decided to reinvent myself and so am looking for my soul mate on Our Time. "Date" number 2 is coming up late next week. After texting for a month with "date #1, we met and while cordial, it was not a good fit...moved on.

Everyone says to volunteer, but I , this difficult time most places are circumspect about senior volunteers. Others say to do crafts to fill the time or read. Neither of these pursuits have fulfilled me. Try to stay positive; happiness begets happiness.

Hope things turnaround for you dear lady. There is more to life if you seek it.

by: Betty Audet

Volunteer to do some help in the community?. I found great satisfaction in that

Kindred Spirits
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

I am 69 and live with 2 dogs. I too am alone. I have several stories you might find interesting and also might give you some ideas about how to pull yourself out of the hole being alone helps you dig. There is a way out. I welcome the opportunity to friend you in the community. I also welcome the idea of being email friends.

Don't worry about the grand kids they might get in touch with you if you try to do it electronically only. Don't pull the guilt trip on them. They use it as an excuse not to come.

We can have some fun and solve all the world's problems at the same time. Get out of that hole and climb on board were are ready for an adventure. I grew up in Dallas, I have visited Georgia many times. We have a lot to chat about.

Join the community, let's get the party started.

Pen Pals? Retirement Community?
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Are you interested in Pen Pals? Working on July 2020 issue of the newsletter now. Every person who wants the newsletter must also be listed as a pal. USE MENU: Retirement Topics/PenPals

I also have a Retirement Community online. 2000+ senior there but the majority don't post in the forums... however, there are ladies who post daily and know each other. You can also search for pen pal in the Member tab.

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