I have the retirement blues

I retired by choice one year ago.

When people asked me how I felt I would say that I was so busy, not enough hours in a day!

Now I find myself looking at the clock, so I have an excuse to go to bed for the night. I also find myself taking naps during the day. My husband is also retired, but is content with being a couch potato.

I'm starting to feel depressed or just plain bored. I'm not motivated to do anything, even projects I couldn't wait to tackle.

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End of rope
by: Alan, Seattle

Retired 3 years earlier then expected because of health. Wife retired a few years earliest. Now I'm 65 and she is 67.

I had a sort of prestigious job for 42 years. People looked up to me. Then the bottom fell out.

Good retirement money. Health ok. But depressed. We have a new house, new cars, no bills. But we sit here and look at earth other.

Have a small dog that really ties us down, but could never let him out of our sight. He is our baby. So we sit here.

In Seattle it is gray out and rains. Same old same old on the tv. We live in an upscale neighborhood. All a bunch of stuff shits. So we sit here.

The few relatives we have are a long ways away, busy with there family's. So we sit here and sit here.

Sometimes I think it would be better to just end life, but could never hurt the wife leaving her alone. I could not do that.

So, I guess I will just sit here and sit here, until the tv breaks down or I don't wake up.

Wendy: Geeesh, Alan -- get O-U-T of that house. Both of you! Go to the matinee movies. Go out to eat. Take a Day Trip. Find a place in a warmer state and go there for a month or two each winter, SUNSHINE is necessary in Life! Seriously...

I can so relate
by: Cyndy / Colorado

I retired at the end of last year and have found myself in the same dilemma. My husband also retired I am 60 he is 62. We were both very ready had stressful jobs and had put in many years and long days. At first I was elated to be free of it all but as the months go by I find I am at odds with myself.

My husband loves the yard and doing projects etc so he stays very busy but me not so much. I don't read a lot nor am a TV buff. But I have found myself doing. More TV because I don't know what else to do! I tell myself this is nonsense I need to get motivated then I go into my sadness mode. Thinking good grief I am still young, healthy and have a lot to offer but what is it I should do.

We just returned from a wonderful vacation with our children and I felt so relaxed and happy while we were away. I think to myself now I need to retain this happiness and carry on with it.

The biggest key I think is getting out and doing things, Giving myself a reason to stay motivated. I had become a house prisoner thinking I didn't want to spend any money afraid of doing anything extra for fear it would be too costly and with a retirement budget I was scared to death!

Well there are lots of things to do that don't cost a lot and some things are free! I found a website called mile high on the cheap and for our area gives all the free and very little cost activities going on in our area. Perhaps there is some thing like this where you live.

Lunch with a friend, give an old friend a call, volunteer, take a walk are some of my go to activities. I am also thinking of doing dog sitting. My friend who is retired does this and loves it she has been doing it for seven years and works when she wants to and not when she doesn't. I love dogs and have a little one of our own. So I think this time away from my house has given me A new lease on life and refreshed my soul.

I wish you all the best and hope you will find your niche at well.

Good reference
by: Gail/ Carlsbad

On the last page of the Retirement books is one titled, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW? A Professionals' Guide to a Meaningful Retirement
....although it is directed towards those who have worked in the "professions". It really doesnt matter what you have done in your previous life.

It has good suggestions for all of us in transition. I think the key is to remember what is on your "to do" list, and do SOMETHING everyday...or every week.

It is more challenging when your spouse is not motivated to join you, but maybe he is suffering from the same fears, concerns, or inertia ( the tendency to not do if that's what you have been doing).

We ALL tend to get bogged down in NOT doing if we allow it. You are feeling discontent with NOT doing, so....why NOT try something different!

Good luck!

Know how your feeling
by: Martha Joyce

I can relate to the blues. I happily retired and then 8 months later " the blues" started. I am including more activites and getting out of the house more. It is like I was on a schedule since kindergarden and now it is up to me to plan the day.

read my post
by: Anonymous

I can relate. If you already didn't read it, check "My desires have been quenched" this is mine.

Marriage Look See
by: Joe W.

Myself,I am single with all the freedom to choose whatever I want to do including having a refreshing afternoon nap.

I believe that an afternoon nap is not negative. In fact, I think it will re-energize your day/night into something better than you expected.

I also think that both of you need to go see a retirement life consultant. This is not the same as a Financial Planner.

I always say that you need to focus on your wellness first before you take on any serious challenges such as whot to do in your retirement life.

Joe W.

Only you can do it
by: Anonymous

You need to make yourself get out and do something.
You are the only one who can this.

Have you thought about volunteering somewhere?
Even if you do it just one day a week it is a great feeling to do something for someone or something else. You meet new people, have new conversations.

I've also found that having my little dog opened up a whole new world when we walk. I meet other dog lovers, sometimes chat a bit. It really perks up the day and I'm not just focusing on myself.

Keep Busy
by: Ann in Reno

The answer you were given was very good.

I've been retired over 7 years and volunteered 3 days a week for about 6 years and still do a little. I also do lunch about twice a week at the Senior Center.

The City, County, and others offer reasonable things to do. I have no excuse to sit and do nothing.

I'm not a reader or much for TV, but this laptop/Internet enslaves me and I have to get disciplined toward my use of it. It really is my best social network though. I also take care of a yard, house and car.

Right now on on day 3 of house cleaning and still have about 2 days to go, but I just do a room at a time when I do deep cleaning. I love my home but would rather be out and about with all the events going on around town now thru the Summer.

I'm happy and very alive.

Go O-U-T.
by: Wendy

All I can really say - Get out of the house.

If husband chooses to watch tv all day, that's what he chooses to do. So be it.

But don't let your life go the same way, IF that's not what you want! Life is short.

It's almost funny... how can we live with someone for many years and not discuss what we are thinking our retirement days will be like...but IT HAPPENS!

Call someone -- invite someone to do lunch next week. Just pick up that phone and call them. Just one simple lunch could change your whole world, and you'll start doing lunches with freinds and family, until you take that next step.

What's the next step?

It will appear... after you get eout of the house and open your world again to the possibilities of life!

Best Wishes!

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