I just think this is funny

by John from Buxton

A man goes to his doctor and tells him he keeps hearing a voice coming from his stomach.

The doc takes his stethoscope and listens to the mans gut. He's amazed to hear a voice saying "I'm fed up with being in here all alone, it's pitch black, I can't read anything. No one come so there's no one to talk to. I've got nothing to do, nothing to play with. It's the same thing - day in day out, week in week out, I'm absolutely fed up and bored with the whole thing and it's so unfair.."

The doctor stood-up and said to the guy "It's nothing to worry about - you've simply got a grumbling appendix."

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re: appendix
by: Carol

Very funny, John.

Funny story
by: Nina from London

Nothing like a moan! A grumbling appendix would understand!

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