I Lost My Best Friend Today

by Mark

I lost my best friend today, but my heart bursts with the joy of knowing that you, Sir Stanley, and I, a mere human, were best friends for most of your very long dog life.

Sometimes I forgot to feed you when you were hungry, but you still loved me unconditionally. Sometimes you messed in the house when we had to leave you alone for a bit, but I still loved you more.

Today there is a hole in my heart far too big to ever fill, but right next to that hole will forever reside the memory of your gentle face and your stubby, wagging tail.

My friend, I will miss you desperately for all the days I have left on Earth.

I hope we will meet again.

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Lost My best friend
by: Claudia/Texas

I feel your pain I will be going thru the same pain soon my sweet gal is 15.5 years. Every day i have with her is a blessing. I know I will see her again at the rainbow bridge as well as all my other dog and horse friends.

I think sometimes I don't want another but there are so many that need our love and help and healing and it would be a shame not to give them some of the love and care they deserve as well.

We understand
by: Eliza Colorado

Those of us who have had and loved our dogs, and lost them understand your feelings and share your sorrow. He has gone over the Rainbow Bridge now and someday you will be reunited.

Until then, give it some time and your pain will lessen.

Best Friend
by: Pam CT

So very sorry for your loss. I will be going through this someday soon with my almost 14 year old dog. You will see your sweet doggy again.

Sir Stanley
by: Leaking Ink/MA

August 6, 2021

Dear Sir Stanley,

You’re a wonderful Pup! I love you, and I don’t even know you personally. Mark told us how special you are.

Thanks for taking such good care of our friend, Mark, all these years. He is missing you, and now we are missing you too. We’ll try to keep Mark happy while you’re gone.

I hope you find a really tasty bone to gnaw on in your new journey. Keep on wagging that tail!

All the best,

L. I.

Best friend
by: Sherry/ NC

I am truly sorry for the loss of your Stanley. It is heart wrenching! You will always have wonderful memories.

Stanley has gone over the rainbow bridge and he is waiting for you.

Best Friend
by: Carol, Canada

My best friend is also going soon. He went blind last week, took him about a week to get used to it and now it seems his hearing is going. And he is depressed, did not want to go on his walk today and that is not like him.

Been sleeping and eating all day and not responding to my voice unless I yell. I'm sad. I think of all the walks we had, we walked and walked for hours. All over the city together. Many adventures.

Now I won't be motivated to walk as much alone. I understand how you feel. I do not want to get another dog as I do not want to go through another death.

Me and my husband both had a child die and then our dog. So this dog is like another child to us and we will sorely miss him. Can't go through that again.

So Sorry, Mark!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I've been there many times and it certainly IS heart-breaking to lose a family member (not just a pet) like this!

My Mia is my little buddy who follows me everywhere and listens to every word I say. Always my biggest GREETER when I enter my home -- so happy to see me!

Mark, I got Mia only weeks after I lost ChiChi, as my home wasn't right. It was suddenly silent. I found that Terry and I talk about the dog so much! I talk TO the dog all day. Many people don't want a replacement but I needed one and right away.

I am sending you prayers... be well, my friend!

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