I Love my new Kindle...
My Book Reader by Amazon!

by Wendy

I got a Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers
from Amazon last week and I thought I'd write about it... you know I'm a rather geek-techie gal since I do several websites, Right?

I first saw one in a doctor's waiting room... a gal was staring at this small screen and would tap here and there (now I know she was turning the page). I finally asked "Can I ask WHAT you are doing? I'm very curious." She explained her Kindle. End of story. I didn't even look at her screen, just got a brief explanation that got my interest flowing.

Periodically (honestly every month or two), I spend days in the hospital with my parents (now in their 80s). I always lug my notebook/laptop computer with me. Hey, I sit up there all day, a gal needs something to do! Grin! One of my big fears is being stuck somewhere with nothing, absolutely nothing, to occupy my mind. Yes, I'm a little odd, aren't we all?

Last month when Dad was in the hospital, Mom offered to carry my bag as I was carrying my purse and two hot coffees also. She INSISTED.. so I gave it to her for two minutes. She couldn't believe how heavy my bag was... her guess was 40 pounds. My notebook is a great computer, totally love it, but it's not light weight.

Enter KINDLE into my Life:

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 6" Display, White - 2nd Generation is my new e-book reader. It is a six inch, flat screen that weighs less than a normal book -- and yet you can put thousands of books on this one little book reader. There are something like 700,000 books available for purchase and thousands more are free (out of copyright). Plus you can read newspapers and magazines or go online.

I have oodles of e-books (pdf files) that I've collected over the years, both purchased and free, that I can now carry with me everywhere I go. Get stuck waiting in the doctors office, out comes my Kindle. Grin!

The screen has been enhanced over an older version so it's darker text, and you can read it in the sunshine as there is a no glare screen too!

The battery lasts up to a month (not 4 hours like my one-year old notebook). I like that! (p.s. this might be in reading mode only, not with going online, not sure yet as mine is only a week old!)

Plus like cell phones, it has Wi-Fi so I can connect to the internet to browse, find and download a new book, whatever.

Woo Hoo... Wendy is a happy gal!

Anyone else out there own a Kindle? What do you think?

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My Book Reader by Amazon!

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Kindle and Wi-fi
by: Tiffany

I don't have a kindle, but think it's cool idea for people who read! I used to love to read once upon a time ago, but with a three year old and websites, it seems reading is way down on my priority list these days.

My favorite feature...wi-fi!!

Wendy: I didn't read for the past 20 years... I worked full time, came home mentally and physically exhausted, and did my websites on the weekends. I have so many business e-books and the Action Guide that I'd love to read when I have time,.. so this is perfect for me!

My Kindle Update
by: Wendy

Kindle readers

I decided to write about my Kindle,again, as I just love this little book reader! The more I use it, the more I love it!

First, I finally understand that if you send the PDF file (ebook) that you previously purchased to a special email address (yourname at free.kindle.com), the files are formatted so they are more compatible with the Kindle.

You can put PDF files on it easily, but when I increased the text size, the page fell off the page and wasn't visible-- and I just wanted a larger text to read from. Send it to this special address and VOILA! instantly you get the file back to Kindle.

Kindle has a Text to Voice option too... so if I ever wanted to listen to a book, or a business ebook, I can do that too!

I can load audiobooks on it or MP3 music files to listen to, in the background, as I read.

I've downloaded a few free ebooks too. Some are on amazon and free, others from public domain websites with free books!

Purchased newer books are both cheaper and totally simple to buy, one click and my credit card has been charged, and a second later it's being downloaded.

I love that I can control the size of the text (see the top right corner of all my sites "Increase Text Size"). I do wear glasses, don't most of us at retirement age, and just don't care to strain one little bit while reading.

One thing - someone mentioned that Kindles don't have a reading light, and that is true. Book Nooks, I think, do. Kindle carriers, however, have built in lights, if that's important to you.

So, now I have ebooks galore: for my website and e-businesses (always something new to learn) and for the first time in many years, books for my own reading pleasure!

Hey, I am retired now.. I can sit and read when I want to! Woo Hoo!

FREE Kindle Ebooks
by: Wendy

Did you know there are free ebooks available to Kindle readers? I've downloaded a few, and now I'm simply enjoying them!

To learn more about the Kindle book reader go here.

One way is using Amazon?s website:

First, go to Amazon's website.

On the LEFT bar - click on Kindle, then Ebook.

On the RIGHT - scroll down a bit and find the Top 100 Paid and Top 100 FREE -- and CLICK!

There are oodles of free books -- I've selected older books right now, not sure why, but there are oodles of new FREE books, mysteries, novels, all available for download!

Finally, the EreaderNewsToday.com website has reviews of free (and bargain too!) Kindle books. This link will take you to the
Free Ebooks!

Hope this helps... keep on reading! Fun Fun!

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