I need a change!

by Betsy
(New York)

I have been retired for 6 years in October of this year (2019). For various reasons I have moved a few times, but finally got into senior housing 6 months ago which I love...and it’s close to everything I want and need. It feels like Home.

I still cannot break a bad habit of hopping out of bed and driving to my favorite coffee shop no matter how far out I have lived. I really want to feel more grounded and I know that caffeine is not helping!

I also want to break that habit of urgency to “get up and GO”.

So...my goal is to start slow and make myself sit home instead of running right out. It will be a work-in-progress for awhile.

I know it will take a few tries...but I think it will help me feel grounded and save money (those coffee shops are pricey!!).

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Morning coffee
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi Betsy, I too love morning coffee, but drink it at home because I too love to watch the birds and squirrels in my backyard. I feed them and it is entertaining and to I get many different birds and hummers too.

I actually have a hummer feeder attached to my patio door and yes they feed there! They are very close I can see them so well! I love it!

I do go to Starbucks occasionally and this is a treat for myself. I do not go out of necessity. I love this coffee.

I am going to enjoy my life for the rest of it!!!!!

Love Starbucks!
by: Carol. Oregon

Hi, I can relate to running to Starbucks in the morning. I don't do it now because my job (retiring early next year) starts too early, and I have to leave home by 5:30 am. But in my old job, I would go to Starbucks every day before work.

Starbucks was located at a Safeway - no drive-thru. So, I had to park the car, go into Safeway, and stand in line. Crazy! I like really strong coffee so their Americanos are not too expensive.

How is your plan weaning off Starbucks working out?

Wendy: NOT too expensive? Grin! Coming from NOT a Starbucks Gal, I **once** had one in the hospital, and it was shocking how much I paid!

Loving this crazy Starbucks discussion -- as I just don't understand -- Don't get the coffee, don't get leaving home when retired to run through the drive-up window, don't get getting out of my car to stand in line before work! Horror! GRIN!

So surprised!
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

I can honestly say I have NEVER gone to a drive through for coffee. But -- that's just me.

I am so the opposite of this. Everything I do is of convenience -- and to me, it is not convenient to get up, dressed, and drive through for my coffee -- to take back home.

THAT would totally ruin my morning ambiance -- sitting on my recliner, looking out the back window at squirrels and birds -- maybe I meditate, maybe I look through Facebook (another bad habit) and just enjoy my morning,

So surprised it's the DRIVE THROUGH!

To each his own, I know... I get it if you want to feel connected, to watch others running for work, to work in a coffee house that many enjoy.

Totally don't understand a HABIT of getting up, driving, to pick up a coffee... Educate me!

I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law also did that for years.
Starbuck addiction.

Best Wishes!

p.s. I really don't like Starbucks coffee either. Yeppo! I am weird!

retirement routine
by: mildred/tn

I used to do that for many years but now out of the habit, It was for a coke but I needed to see that people were out an about to motivate me to get started for the day,

Hang in there, get a coffee maker for u, thanks for sharing

by: Patty

I am the same way. Every morning I am in the xxxx drive through for my 20 year habit!

by: Betsy

WOW!! Great things to ponder for awhile Wendy!!

Some I have thought of, some are new ones and some I’m not ready to think about yet. Although I have been retired 6 years...I have moved 7 times which involved retiring, real estate turnovers, sick and dying parents and finally a nice retirement community. And let’s not talk about my lifetime of moves - LOL!!

ALL my moves during these 6 years were temporary...and I knew that. I have been on waiting lists for senior independent living places. But...all of my adult life has been transient due to a partial military career and a full career in transportation. So I had LOTS of moving & transient living situations.

I really haven’t felt like I was Home since I was 25. It will take some time to establish that "home-like" feeling again. I just need to allow myself to finally land, relax and get grounded! It ain’t easy after over 40 years of on-the-move!!

I can say for sure my mornings are not about socializing. I don’t always go to the same places...and they are all drive-thru. I am a Happy Introvert 😊 but I just make crappy cold brew iced coffee!

It’s important to note that much of my most recent restlessness is caffeine related which will take a bit to break my addiction from.

Thanks for steering me towards an interesting thinking journey! And thanks for all you do here!!

Hey Betsy!
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Let's Brainstorm -

What do you LOVE about this coffee shop?

What is it about your homes that make you want to run away every morning? Yes -- I used homeS because you still want to run every morning, despite moving to different homes.

  • Do you need a better morning set up? Coffee ready to be brewed? Your fav coffee mug standing ready nearby? All ready to go when you get up...

  • Do you need a different coffee maker or different coffee brand itself?

  • Do you need to buy a few coffee cake choices to entice you to remain home?

  • Do you fear staying in your Pj's until 10am? :) Would you feel lazy then?

    What is it that makes you walk out that door for SIX years now?

  • Do you miss the people interaction?

  • Can you find a coffee house or small restaurant close to your new home location that might serve your needs -- short term -- just to stop THAT coffee house, then later stop totally?

    Just thinking -- something is missing -- what is it?

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