I retired 2 months ago

by Cherub

I retired 2 months ago after 34 years of working. The last 6 years have been stressful at work. My blood pressure was high and my health started to fail.

At 55, I decided to retire. My blood pressure is now normal and I’m feeling happy. I stay up at night and I sleep during the day. I’m trying to turn it around where I sleep regular hours.

I have no regret of retiring. I just want to set a schedule and wake up in the morning and enjoy the day instead of sleeping during the day.

I love retirement.

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Response to: I retired 2 months ago
by: Ken / San Diego CA


Wow 55 and retired, I was semi-retired at 55 ~ Great~ Enjoy your freedom~ you can set some 'routines' to keep your life somewhat focused.

Don't worry about staying up late etc. I do that now, and sometimes am still up at 3am 4am and then get up just before NOON (I try to get up at 11:59am) so I tell people "I got up in the MORNING" haha~ You would be surprised at what goes on late at night!!!

Take spur of the moment trips for lunch, with a friend or solo~! many of my trips are solo and I like that too~

Best Wishes

It's just weird!
by: Joe W.

It seems like there is something wrong with your transition to retirement from a long-term traditional job. What work schedule did you have? Day shift! Afternoon shift! Midnight shift. If you love retirement you should probably be sleeping during the night, hopping out of bed in the morning and getting ready to pursue your selected retirement activities that you love. So, what is normal for you and what was your working schedule in the past?

Joe W.

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