I see in retrospect that retirement takes preparation

by Karyl Pope
(Dundas Ontario Canada)

me in 2004

me in 2004

If I had realized that I had less time than I thought, and had taken steps to increase my social network while I was still active and feeling well, that would have helped me a lot.

I didn't even take time to get to know my new neighbors (had moved to a new town after 50 years in the last one, 4 years before I retired). There are many groups that interest me but I have not found the energy to join them.

Wendy: You're getting there, day by day... I don't have friends locally as I was too busy working at work and again at home on my websites. Now I make plans for lunch with former co-workers and retirees -- I make lunch plans ON PURPOSE to force myself out and about.. and oddly enough, I enjoy myself too! Give yourself time to "grieve" the loss of your old self, your job, and then you'll move on to something else that's also rewarding in life. Best Wishes!

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Dundas Retiree
by: Ben

It is interesting that you said you live in Dundas.

My great great great Grandfather was from Dundee Scotland and his name was Peter Dundass or also Dundas...some came to Ontario in the 1800 hundreds I think...and also to the USA...

He had a son Called also Peter Dass...he changed is name from Dundass to Dass when he went to Norway in 1605 I think..then his son was called peter Dass....So I think the name of your town had somthing to do with my family back in the 1600/1700 and 1800....I just thought it was interesting...thanks for just reading my e-mail.

I retired in 2006 as an Independent forensic Auditor and Tax consultant/Accountant in western Canada...

I am living in Seal Beach CA USA now...for 6 years.....and on the ocean...in a gated community...I have a music studio in the home and I played backup in the 70's for BTO and worked with Chad Allan and the Guess who also..I played mostly Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard piano style...I play down here a lot..at 66 I'm still going strong...and producing CD's..also..

Ok better go getting later and take care ok

A friend... Ben

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