I voluntarily signed into a first class Assisted Living facility

by Lon Tanner
(Fresno, California)

Assisted Living Resident

Assisted Living Resident

It's been three years this month that I made the decision rather than have some family member do it. Because of several medical conditions it made it unwise to live alone in a large home trying to maintain my independence.

I sold the big home and moved into my present one bedroom/one bath/living room/kitchenette apartment.

I am a 86 year old retired and well-traveled single male living alone and still maintaining a large degree of independence.

It's expensive living here and fortunately between personal assets and pre-planned Long Term Insurance benefits I can afford it.

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I'm Still In Assist Living
by: Lon Fresno,Ca

Well now its been four years here at Oakmont and I am doing just fine despite Arthritis & Neuropathy.

Pre COVID 19 was better of course & hopefully things will get back as before.

My Monthly Expenses Living In Assisted Living
by: Anonymous

I don't mind sharing this if it can help other retirees do a little planning ahead. I just paid my monthly Rent & Care Fees due Dec 5th for the month of December. The amount is $ 7,064.00 USD and is the ONLY monthly bill that I have. No longer owning vehicles, homes or property makes a huge difference.

Thanksgiving Dinner In Assisted Living Due To COVID 19
by: Lon

Unlike the past two years where we residents could have family or friends join us in the dining room for a lovely dinner or go to family or friends home, we will now have the option to have a full blown dinner brought to our apartment or have a meal by our self in the dining room.

I will have my solo dinner in my apartment. 22 of my family will be at a cabin at Shaver Lake for dinner and the weekend.

Prior To My Moving To Assisted Living
by: Lon

I had a nice two bedroom two bath Apartment in a Senior age 55+ facility with many amenities. I did my own cooking and cleaning and was still driving my car at that time.

I moved to Assisted Living at the same time I gave up driving and chose the location because it is within 15 minutes of where my daughter and three adult grand kids live.

I considered two other A L facilities that were quality operations and discovered that costs were the same.

My apartment is cleaned, my bedding washed and bed made. Clothing is washed and put away. Limo is available for my appointments. With three gourmet quality meals a day available to me served in my apartment or dining room there is no need for me to cook. I keep favorite snacks, wines etc in my kitchenette. Red or White Wines are available with evening meals.

I use Amazon Prime on a regular basis for many things and just for a change of pace I will order a meal via Grubhub.

I am profoudly deaf and that is my biggest burden in communicating with other residents and staff.

I am more Computer savvy than most of my neighbors which I have discovered gives me more independence than they enjoy.

by: Sherry/NC

We just never know when we do something if it will be the right thing.

I believe you did the right thing. It seems to me you thought it through and probably thought about it for a long time. You are smart
to do this. I too have Long Term Ins. and although it is expensive it is worth it.

Why is the end of life so expensive? Maybe because we have more health problems. Our bodies break down physically and our minds mentally. It is sad.

You will be fine because you had the courage and the smarts to take care of things.

Thank you very much for writing about your adventure.

Good Luck.

Tell us more
by: Sally

Please tell us more. How did you choose your facility. What is it like? What do you like and not like about it?

Best decision
by: Anonymous

You did a very smart thing and plus you will be around others of your age.

They key is knowing when to do it and obviously you did. Good for you!

by: California

Well done, I am a big advocate of knowing when I it’s time to move to that next chapter in life and actually do it. I’ll be right there with you. Congratulations

Assisted Living Facility
by: Joe W.

Congrats on being independent in an assisted living facility. It's probably a too expensive option for most seniors.

It should be mentioned that there are also other options such as less expensive independent living apartments for seniors.

In other words, all seniors have different possible housing options depending on their income and savings.

Stay healthy and safe!

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