I was not meant to retire

I worked 34 years at one job and 22 years at another. I was a worker consumed into my jobs.

I raised a son and I'm a Grandfather. I am 63, retired a year ago. My wife decided we would live in a retirement community in Arizona.

It has all the sports, groups etc. Most of the people are nice but they are older and in bed by 9PM. I feel isolated, empty and bored. Potlucks with green jello doesn't do it for me. My wife loves it.

I'm in a hell zone. Don't want to complain or upset my wife. I want to go back to work were I belong. She wants me to buy some golf clubs and live the life. Retirement is not for everyone. I don't know how long I can fake this.

Wendy: If you don't care to stay retired, WORK. Be real, explain to your wife that you just aren't ready yet, and for fulfillment and happiness in your own life, you need to work. She may not understand -- everyone is different, but you can simply talk...

You are only 63, look for a part-time job that will get you out of the house for a few days a week. It's good that you will no longer be a total workaholic -- it's also good for you to work if you still feel you need to.

I am 57... retired almost 3 years... I cannot not work. There is no way I could be totally retired, however, my choice of work is this website. I work from home, work if and when I choose to (more often than not), and make a small supplemental income while I help retirees. Perfect for me.

Now, what is perfect for YOU?

Best Wishes!

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I understand your predicament as I too have been considering moving to a retirement community, but have reservations about it because of the reasons you mentioned.

The master plan seems like a good one, but I don't think I can spend every day just playing games.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Don't retire from life just because you retired from your job

I am 60, just graduated with a master's degree in December, and am looking at at least 2 years of being an Intern before I can apply for my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

I will be your age when I get my license and start a new private practice. I plan to work into my 80s, health permitting - and I am taking all the steps I can to stay healthy.

In addition to working you might find satisfaction in going to school to learn a new career or skill, volunteering in some capacity that might or might not tie-in to your previous job.

If you don't do anything that fulfills you and helps give purpose to your days you will become depressed, drive your wife crazy (what does she do all day?), withdraw from life and die in a very short time. Don't allow this to happen to you.

You have contributed to society all these years by your working, continue to contribute - just in a different capacity now.

Maybe you were not meant to retire.
by: Liz in Georgia

You are young to retire. People are working longer and longer these days, some out of necessity but some like yourself that just like to be busy and somewhat productive.

I retired at 67, partly because I had worked 50 years and wanted to do some things I would never have time for if I worked, like traveling and being with friends, but I do miss working at times. Would be very nice to just work when I wanted to but doesn't always work that way.

If I were you and had this great desire to be in
the work force, then I would hunt for something on a very limited basis, maybe a temporary job,
and see how it goes and if you enjoy it that is probably the answer for you, unretire yourself.

It seems this might even give you and your wife a
more well rounded life than merely about things that go on in your own lives and those around you in the retirement community.

Remember, we only have so many minutes, hours and days left in our lives and we have to be the ruler of our own lives.

by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

I agree with Wendy* If u feel u want to continue to work- WORK - it is your life! Your wife is happy, u must be happy too.

U r 63, still a young man, capable of working, to retire for the next 30 or so years is a long time. Do something u enjoy, and do it well, your wife will have to accept your decision, remember, it is your life, your choice. Eventually, she will come around and be patient with her.

Do this for your own satisfaction, if u don't u may become bitter and angry. U don't want that! Talk to your wife and tell her u need to do this for both of u.


by: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editorAnonymous

I'm 63 years young and consider myself semi-retired. I still teach at career institutes at times, but I have been writing poetry for nearly
40 years and have my own home business. Try writing/reading poetry. Drop me a line.
Here's my information:


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