I Will Leave This World Knowing My Adopted Daughter Is Secure

by Noelle

At the age of 44, I had an 11 year old daughter that begged for a sister. Well, by that time, my baby factory had become a museum :-). I could no longer have a child.

So, I put in for adoption and received the most wonderful blessing...a beautiful 10 pound biracial baby girl that melted my heart. We took her home when she was 3 days old. But on the ride home from the hospital after picking her up, she threw up all over the 11 year old daughter. Needless to say, she had second thoughts at that point about wanting a sister. But, luckily that all passed.

Both of my girls are the love of my life and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. When I hear people using racial slurs, etc., I get infuriated. My baby daughter did not ask to be brought into this world and I feel blessed that her birth mother chose me over 3 others to be the mother of her child. I loved her, nurtured her, watched her excel in everything she undertook.

Three years ago, I helped her get through nursing school (while she was working a full time job), and she is now a specialized Trauma Nurse here in Indiana.

I am beaming with pride. I am attaching a photo of her when she was 3 weeks old so you can see the face of child that is loved unconditionally, irregardless of race, color, or creed.

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by: Anonymous

Both of my boys are mixed (I am the white girl with the black man). Their dad and I still coexist in the same house. We have three wonderful grandchildren. There is no need at all for racial slurs, etc., but so be it in this fallen world.

One son is a self made multimillionaire with no college degree, the other has a bachelor's from Georgetown and can't find a job. But they are both honest honorable men and have been the light of my life.

All kids are adorable, and I have noticed that they seem to be getting cuter all the time.

Beautiful...on all levels.
by: kata/ABQ

Loved your story and your daughters'. Can't wait to read theirs!

Love is endless, all powerful and EVERYTHING...including 'blind'.

Yet, not, your new daughter is beautiful. She melted my heart. Thank you for sharing her photo.
Some people should just keep silent, to put it nicely.

The whole 'adventure' so far in your lives is truly full of blessings. I guess you didn't figure on 'extended family'. More blessings, wonders, beauty.

This definitely 'made my day'...and will stay with me much longer.

Thank you.

Be well...all of you!

adoption when a senior
by: mildred/tn

Good for u. I also adopted a 3 day old son when I was 60. Lots of people say how lucky he was but I am the lucky one. He has enriched my life in so many ways. I love him dearly and wish I had adopted more earlier in life. Have 3 biological grown children also who are the light of my life.

by: loyce!

We do the best we can and hope for the best knowing life is without guarantees and the unexpected is often around the corner, so yes, prepare for what may happen and then be surprised by that which is unprepared for like Mother Nature challenging us.

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