I would like to share my blog with you.

by Hiroshi
(Kumamoto, Japan)

Hi, everyone!

I have a video blog where I talk about what is happening around me and how I feel about it. I would be happy if you would watch it and be more happy if you would give me a comment.

URL ssclub237.muragon.com/


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by: Hiroshi

Hi, Nina!

Thank you very much for your comment.

Yes, I have visited Kyoto many times although it is very far from my place. I would really like to recommend you to visit it.

There are a lot of temples and shrines there and you can feel the history of Japan.

I visited your country twice and once stayed with a British family in Bath.

I hope you will come to Japan and enjoy ancient cities and modern cities, too.


Recent Video
by: Nina from London,UK

Hello Hiroshimo,

Very interesting that you speak to so many people. It is amazing! You like people from different cultures. I also love to learn about other people. One year I had a teacher come from Kyoto. Have you been there? I would love to visit there one day.

Hope to hear from you.

Best Wishes,

Nina Yakimiuk

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