In Retirement, Feed the squirrels!

by Anonymous

My great-aunt worked part-time well into her 90's. She lived until 105. My grandmother worked part-time into her 80's, and lived until 95.

What did I learn from both of them? If you have something to do everyday, it gives you a sense of purpose and keeps you going.

I worked in a large city, and I used to see an elderly man walking around and throwing peanuts out for the squirrels. I would see him everyday over a 28 year period, and as he got older, he continued to do this even when he needed to use a walker. It was an activity that he enjoyed, he got to do it everyday. It gave him a sense of purpose and kept him physically active. I retired and relocated. But, I'm sure he's still out there today, feeding the squirrels.

Find one thing that you love, and do it every day.

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Joy and purpose=a long, happy life!
by: June in Deerfield

You are so right! Feeding birds, having a pet who needs you these things give us a reason to get up and get moving.

Getting out of the house gives us a connection to others which is very important as we age. Goodbye loneliness, hello friends.

Just added a second dog to my pack. The transition has been difficult but worth it as my labradoodle, Charlie now has a running friend, Jack, a fox hound. Keeps life lively around here!

Feed the squirrels
by: Sherry/ NC

Good advice! Thank you

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