Income idea for Animal Lovers!

by Char

If someone "loves" animals, would like to travel but has limited funds this is a great idea. I know a lady who does this and stays so busy she is rarely home.

She has a pet sitting business. She selects places she would like to visit, runs ads to do in home pet sitting. The person she sits for provides her fuel money to get to their local. She takes her own linens, food etc. stays in some lovely homes in the hub of cities or locations that offer much in site-seeing an culture (remember she selects where she is interested in going).

After caring for the animals for the morning (walking dogs, feeding, meds, grooming etc) she is free for a few hours to explore the town or sites.

She has cared for the single dog to several pets to include horses an exotic animals.

In a day she has an average of 10 hours to walk a beach or explore as long as her charges are cared for every few hours depending on their schedule and needs.

She has stayed in some very nice places sometimes up to a month at a time. Of course she has the option to limit who she will take an engagement for, when and where.

To keep it simple, she does not charge rather she gets the accommodations (their home) a free trip (they pay for her fuel both ways) and if they are inclined to give her a gratuity gift it's a plus.

She has long time customers who engage her a year in advance and her schedule stays full.

She now considers it like visiting extended family.
So she knows each year she will spend a few days on the beach in Florida, visit Washington when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, New York on New Year's Eve, then on to California to soak in the surf an sun etc- she is in control of how often she travels and where she will go.

Once she started her adventure, word of mouth traveled. Folks who take their animals serious like show dogs or horses etc share with friends her contact info. She is bonded an provides references and background check.

She gets more request than she can accept. The beauty of it - if it's not a place she wants to visit and explore she does not take the engagement. She always does her homework getting a bio on the pet, photos of the home and location and gets to know the people in conversation before she accepts new clients.

She is always more than respectful of the persons home leaving it cleaner than when she arrived. The animals are loved, pampered and well cared for and get excited to she her when she comes back to care for them again.

For someone who really loves animals, wants to travel on a limited income this is a win.

Blessing Char

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Good thinking!
by: Nancy

What a great idea! I did pet sitting a long time ago when I had a job that didn't pay very much. The place I was living had the going rate of $20 a month and they bought the food. I really like this idea.

by: Sheila

What a wonderful idea for an animal lover! Now, that's thinking outside the box, which many retirees would benefit by doing.

A few things made me pause, however. This lady has to take her own linens and food? I can't imagine the amount of luggage she would have :-) But then that wouldn't apply to every destination, I guess.

The main thing is that she is doing what she loves and seeing new places at the same time. Good luck to her! May her good health last a long time. She deserves it.

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