Insurance Companies

by Patricia Newton
(New Castle, DE USA)


I recently requested, via a phone call to a popular insurance company, that information on their life insurance plans be mailed to me.

After approximately a month, I did receive the information, but right after I made the phone request, I started receiving constant calls from this insurance company, and others, on my cell phone, trying to sell me their plans.

Also recently, a very casually dressed fellow, who parked his car up my street, knocked on my door. When I opened the door, he just stood there, and never told me his name or any company he was with. Finally, he merely pulled some sort of insurance voucher out of his pocket and showed it to me. He wanted to come inside my house, but I quickly closed and locked the door.

Be careful when requesting a company to send you information, as you may get more than you bargained for.

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scam telephone calls
by: Sherry/ Wilmington, NC

You know I think a good way to hang up on scammers is while they are speaking and you can just hang up very easy and gently so they
don't hear you hang up and then when they have finish their sales pitch and there is silence on the other end of the phone they will
be totally frustrated!!!! YEA!!!!

by: Loyce!

I have long/term, local commitments and bundle insurance with one firm so I have a rapport with the insurance agent and I feel comfortable with the relationship since I have my questions answered promptly. Trust is my priority.

by: Sandi

I was fortunate when I was working as far a health insurance because my employer paid the premiums. Now I will be turning 65 and eligible for medicare. So confusing and over whelming, plus all the phone calls and junk mail concerning this!

by: Char / TX

I have been driven to complete frustration by calls from insurance wanting to sell me Medicare supplements! Heck - you can't even enjoy your 64th year because they are calling you 10 times a day and sending junk mail everyday!

I too had a man show up at my front door unannounced wanting to sell me Medicare supplement insurance. I had never talked to "anyone" saying I wanted to discuss this type of coverage. Frankly I do not need it since we served our country in uniform for 25 years and our military health care acts as our Medicare supplement. So to have some jerk show up at my front door and invade my privacy ticked me off.

Phone calls are one thing, but to show up at my front door is really crossing the line!

Note: A ticked off Texas woman is "not" a good thing. I was kind but made my thoughts crystal clear. I don't think he will return. :) Not sure if it was what I said, or my 80 pound German Shepherd or my NRA membership posted! LOL

Two Can Play The Game
by: John A. / Tyler Texas

When I turned 65 years of age, all of a sudden I was inundated with phone calls from insurance companies trying to sell me Medicare supplements. These call came in several times a day and I was starting to get really P'd off.

One day, I got a call from an a lady with an insurance company. I think the company's name had the word Omaha in the name. This lady didn't even wait for me to finish saying hello when the sales pitch began.

Initially I was going to hang up, but then a case of orneriness came over me and I decided I'd yank this individual's to speak.

When the sales pitch was over, she asked if I would be interested in their supplemental insurance for Medicare insurance.

With a deep sigh and in a low soft voice, I said "I never get calls from girls. What are you wearing? Immediately the she hung up the phone. And I'll do the same if a male caller is on the other end but will say I never get call from boys. That usually gets them off the line pretty quickly.

I've come to the conclusion two can play the game. After all time is money and money is time to these people and they aren't going to waste time calling if they don't get anywhere.

Insurance Co and chronic junk mail
by: Ken San Diego

For some reason I got put on a mailing list for cremation services! So one day, I took some burned incense ashes, and returned it in the 'return envelope (after obliterating the envelope bar-code) with a notation: Here is my Brother, My sister is NEXT!" The mail kind of slowed down from that point forward!

Insurance companies
by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

I know what you mean when you say you requested information from an insurance company and sales rep show up at your home.

I requested some supplemental insurance information one time and a representative showed up at my home!!

They are aggressive because they have commission to claim!! I never give my phone #, just an address so they can send information through the mail. I should have known better and now I do!!!

by: Wendy

Pat --

That is darn scary, a guy coming to the door with no real introduction. I would have shut my door, probably faster than you did, That is IF I had opened it at all.


Yes, any insurance company wants your business -- and bad. Kinda sad... they might have had a new customer if they had placed nice and let you make an informed decision after getting the mailed info.

Be Safe!

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