Internet Website Business

An internet website business and an internet blog business is really the same. Blogs are a little less structured than websites, but it's all the same really.

If you are seeking a real blog/website platform, where there are many ways you can earn an income, you’ll need two things before you start.

There are many places on the web to purchase – but I am offering the website providers I’ve used as I know how to guide you through them.  Read on and learn what you need to do, then either register through my links or find your own online.

Remember this: If you intend an income from your Blog, Remember, for the small fees below… you are purchasing An Online Business.

Buy A Domain:  I’ve used for years now.

If you’d like to check out domain names, even if not yet quite ready to register – click below.

You’ll see Start Your Domain Name Search here, where you can enter different ideas for your blog name. GoDaddy will show you if the name is available, or not.

You will notice that I only search for .com addresses. There are many others available, but .com is the best. Most folks don’t even think of other extensions, so if they KNOW you are are Boomer Women, they automatically do .com.  They might even think you’ve quit the site if they visit and you are not there (because you are at

Some website owners buy all the popular versions of the site name, to secure so another person can’t get their branded name. I’ve never done that but you MIGHT consider that if you’d like to own the .net version too.  You write one site, and “redirect” the second version to the first site. Simplicity!

Often, finding your perfect site name is not so simple. There are millions of blogs and websites out there. Below your search results (if the site name is not available) are more ideas (from Godaddy) based on your search and sometimes that helps.

If not, just keep entering different blog names until you find one you llike. Find several, write them down, and come back later when you make the big decision to register — meaning BUY your blog name.

I tried shown in the image above – other possibilities are:

Just keep thinking creatively on what you want to call your new business – your website/blog!

Buying a blog name really means you are buying virtual real estate on the web! CLICK the image below to try out some domain name possibilities! So many simple names are already long gone and in use... so  you will likely need to think of something unique before you find one that works for you and is available.

Pay for a year of Hosting:

Purchasing the domain name allows you to use it on the internet. Now you need a host to host the blog — the images, the text, all that you choose to put out there.

I use as many do… and I opted for the cheapest monthly fee. If you choose, later, you can host multiple blogs on this one account AND for the same monthy fee. You get multiple email accounts, umlimited space (so if you use lots of photos, no problem),  and lots of different options for publishing your blog,

Click the image link below if you’d like to check into the use BlueHost for a year or two!

IF you’d like to read and understand more, go here to read the WordPress Online Manual.

How to Connect your Go Daddy domain name with BlueHost hosting:

BlueHost: Login to  your BlueHost Account and go to the C Panel

On the top tabs, hit DOMAINS

Scroll down to about the middle of the page (in the middle, not left side), click on NAMESERVERS — you’ll use the two nameserver codes at GoDaddy next.

GoDaddy: new window, login to your GoDaddy account, hit DNS CONTROL

Now cut and paste each of the two nameserver codes from the BlueHost page to the GoDaddy page.