Irwin is back!

by Irwin Lengel
(Lakeland, FL)

Hopefully many of you that read my blog will have missed reading it as much as I have missed writing it. However, since this is a specific time of year where we all count our blessings, I will keep this blog post short but will try to be more frequent with my posts as I have a lot to say after returning from such a wonderful trip.

We are back and first off let me say that the 50 day trip was fantastic. Some interesting times were had as well as finding ourselves in some unusual situations we never in our wildest dreams thought we would have happen.

But, the cool part of this adventure was that we made it through and our friendship with the other couple that shared the adventure is still intact.
Why do I interject this little piece of information? Fact-of-the-matter is that not only are we still talking but still laugh when we get together to reminisce about some of the wild and crazy things we did during this adventure.

Future articles will not only provide you with stories about this memorable trip but I hope to interject little tidbits of information regarding 2012 now that it is coming to an end as well as what objectives and goals I am considering implementing for 2013.

Last year I actually made a list of New Year’s resolutions but find that I did not complete many of them. Instead, this year I am going to think first what I am hoping to accomplish in 2013 and then, instead of listing New Year’s resolutions, I am going to create a plan on how I intend to reach those goals.

So stay tuned.

Wendy: Hey Irwin, as a Coach, I help you with goals... If you REALLY want to accomplish something, email me and we can work together. Seriously...

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