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Irwin's Christmas Survey Answers!

by Irwin Lengel
(Lakeland, Florida, USA)

Here are Irwin's answers to the Christmas survey questions... just fun!

Christmas Tree
-- Real Christmas tree or artificial? Artificial
-- When do you put up your Christmas tree? Weekend after Thanksgiving
-- What is your favorite ornament on the tree? Describe it! Various ornaments acquired as gifts over the years to be placed on the tree.
-- Clear lights or colored lights on the tree? Colored
-- Angel on the tree top or a star? or something unique? Usually an Angel

Outside Decorations
-- How do you decorate outside the House? Details! Haven't for past few years.

Christmas Gifts
-- When do you start shopping for Christmas? Off and on all year long
-- Do you buy lots of gifts or is your shopping limited (post retirement)? Limited - Post retirement.
-- Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Usually Christmas morning
-- Best, most creative, most thoughtful, gift ever received? They are all special.
-- Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Cannot remember ever doing this
-- Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags? Both
-- How many Christmas cards do you mail? This year we mailed about 40

Christmas Day, Christmas Eve...
-- Do you travel at Christmas or stay home? Usually stay at home but intend to travel in future to spend Christmas with sons alternating years - one year in CT; one year in CA; and one year stay at home.
-- Do you go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve

Christmas Food
-- Favorite food(s) to eat at Christmas? Nothing special
-- Does your family have any traditions regarding the food? Usually ham for Christmas dinner
-- Favorite Christmas cookie(s)?
-- Do you like eggnog?

Christmas Entertainment
-- Favorite Christmas song(s)? White Christmas
-- Favorite Christmas Movie(s)? It's A Wonderful Life
-- Ever attended the Nutcracker ballet? Don't think so
-- Any family traditions you do each year? Nothing special other than spending it with at least one of our children (we have three)

Joy or Stress
--Do you feel the JOY of Christmas or mostly STRESS? Joy of Christmas
-- Do you do anything special to rid yourself of stress? Not Applicable
-- Most annoying thing about this time of year? Nothing I consider annoying

-- Do you have a special/funny memory of Santa Claus? Not particularly
-- Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Grin! Yes

I Love Christmas because: ** WHY? **

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