Is it possible to become a Senior Entrepreneur (Seniorpreneur)?

by Joe Wasylyk
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

At 65 years old, I was almost penniless but definitely LOST not knowing what I should do with my life.

I read a book by Colonel Harland Sanders, titled: Life As I Have Known It Has Been Finger Lickin' Good . The Colonel at Age 65 sat on his rocking chair waiting for the mailman to come after he forced to sell his own Restaurant business due to highway re-construction. The mailman handed him a social security check in the amount of $110.00 and he looked at the check and said that I'm not going to wait around for Government cheques to arrive and proceeded to look at his own circumstances for a product or service he could develop and sell. When he came up with the secret seasoning spice for chicken the rest was history.

Based on the Colonel's life, I decided what I could do with my own circumstances. After looking at different business opportunities and being a failure at too many of them, I decided to join a Writers Guild (Writers Guild Of Alberta) to see how writers become published authors.

Taking this information in November, 2006 I started my Research Work on a book which I called "The Seniorpreneur Project".

Five years later, just around my 65th birthday, I completed my first new book titled: Encore! Encore! Seniors(50 Plus) As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come. I realized that I couldn't do everything myself so I partnered with a younger person to work on the computer services area. Together we were able to achieve the Book Dream and at the same time create a website for the book:

Today, my business mission is to empower Seniors(50 Plus) to become Entrepreneurs through Lifelong Learning. My social mission is to help eradicate Seniors Poverty around the world.

Wendy: You wrote books, I write this website... either way, we are sharing knowledge with others hoping to make our retired years happy, meaningful, and fantastic!

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by: Joe W.


Thanks for the e-mail reply to my post about Seniorpreneurs. I checked out your website and signed up for your free newsletter.

I know that many of the members here on Retirement Online would love to own and operate a small business including online businesses. However; when you read any sample of these posts you'll find many of them having major health problems before considering a successful transition to a small business or entrepreneurial retirement lifestyle.

Somehow, we need to help these members go through some basic processes like: wellness,learning,creativity, passion & focus.

It hard to go from corporate retirement to any type of business idea if the senior has any significant health problems. eg. anxiety, depression, etc. Wellness needs to be addressed first then we can go into micro-business training or online marketing training including buying/selling domain names.

Thanks again for you great reply. Good Luck with your online small business.

Joe W.

The extra things that seniors bring
by: Senior Tycoon

Excellent article. I find that senior entrepreneurs take a bit of encouragement to gain momentum especially with online businesses. But once they get going they bring the resilience and patience that younger business starters often don't have.


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