Is retirement enhanced by the place in which we have chosen to live?

by Graham Wright
(Encounter Bay South Australia)

Hello everyone.
A little while ago, I posted a few comments and questions on how where we chose to live might affect our ability to blossom and enjoy our retirement.

The kinds of things that I was thinking about were, if you loved surfing when you were young and carefree but then the stresses and responsibilities of provision and family life stole your opportunities then maybe you could plan to move back to the sea for your retirement. Or, if you liked horses as a girl, retirement might be an opportunity for you to buy a 5 acre hobby farm and have your own horse. I guess one of the ideas might be to think back and remember what brought you pleasure and satisfaction over the years and then you can plan your retirement accordingly.

The initial example is my story. Hence I have retired back to the sea and the surf!

Across the road from my home-office is the sea and beach and my idea of perfection! Last year I made a Facebook Post that said, "I just watched a whale swimming past my office window." And it was completely true!!!

A few minutes ago I came across this video while I was surfing on YouTube which I reckon is quite topical and interesting. Cheers, G

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