Is retirement enhanced by the place in which we live?

by Graham Wright
(Encounter Bay South Australia)

"Retirement is a journey, not a destination."
Thank you Retirement Online!

How many people are worried or even afraid of retirement because they see it as an event that cuts off everything that has gone before and proposes a big blank void in the future.?

Your articles can help us to face, and potentially overcome their fears. The whole of life is such a process, from conception right through. The progression of that life process is marked by milestones: Birth, Starting School, Dating, Getting Qualifications, Finding that First Job, possibly Marrying, possibly Birthing Children, Having Birthdays, Seeing Your Children have Children, Etc, Etc.

Retirement is just another milestone. It may include some sadness brought about because you are leaving many familiar aspects of life behind, but it also opens up the way for other milestones - new and exciting experiences and milestones. It is natural to be nervous when moving towards any impending milestone.

If we have a few Hopes and Dreams and Plans on how we will live on the other side of this big and sometimes daunting milestone, then along with the natural nervousness, we can approach retirement with eager excitement and anticipation.

But my question is:
Is retirement enhanced by a destination – by the situation or place in which we have chosen to live?

I can’t help but wonder how much our retirement is enhanced (or not) by the situation or place in which we have chosen to live. Is it affected by geography or demography?

I think it is!

About 10 years ago, with those kinds of thoughts in mind, I moved to beautiful Encounter Bay (Near Victor Harbor, in South Australia).

The Bay, and the Bluff and the Islands - with the famous Horse-Drawn Tram - are all noted for their picturesque beauty and tranquillity. The exciting and modern shopping precinct impresses many visitors as well. During Australia’s scorching summer, Victor Harbour is often 10 or more degrees cooler than the capital City, Adelaide, even though it is only 80km’s away.

Victor Harbour is noted for its peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. Many of it’s people are retirees and so its pace is leisurely and its tone is convivial. It has the full range of services and activities that keeps us interested, healthy and active.

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Is retirement enhanced by the place in which we have chosen to live?
by: Graham Wright, Encounter Bay South Australia

Hello everyone.

A little while ago, I posted a few comments and questions on how where we chose to live might affect our ability to blossom and enjoy our retirement.

The kinds of things that I was thinking about were, if you loved surfing when you were young and carefree but then the stresses and responsibilities of provision and family life stole your opportunities then maybe you could plan to move back to the sea for your retirement. Or, if you liked horses as a girl, retirement might be an opportunity for you to buy a 5 acre hobby farm and have your own horse.

I guess one of the ideas might be to think back and remember what brought you pleasure and satisfaction over the years and then you can plan your retirement accordingly.

The initial example is my story. Hence I have retired back to the sea and the surf!

Across the road from my home-office is the sea and beach and my idea of perfection! Last year I made a Facebook Post that said, "I just watched a whale swimming past my office window." And it was completely true!!!

A few minutes ago I came across this video while I was surfing on YouTube which I reckon is quite topical and interesting. Cheers, G

Where the heart is
by: Kaylee

When my husband passed away, my children wanted me to sell my property which has a lot of land and requires maintenance. The thought of moving did not feel right. My husband and I chose this home and did a lot to make it our own.

I refused to move and found someone to manage the woodlot and fields. And maintain the trails.

I am absolutely happy where I live and do not believe I could have been happy moving to somewhere with no memories or history.

So yes, location is important and definitely contributes to our happiness and well being.

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