Is This All There Is?

by Deborah Hercsek
(Bath, Ohio USA)

Deb is a Professional Clown!

Deb is a Professional Clown!

I retired two years ago. Since then I have been a caregiver, so haven't had much time to realize I am retired and not the guru Social Studies teacher I once was!

Totally bored now, I joined a bowling league, swim three times a week, volunteer at the National Park, and clog dance once a week. That's fine for morning, but what about the afternoons and evenings!!!!! I also balloon twist and tell stories once a month as well.

I loved every day of 35.5 years of being an educator. This was a difficult decision for me. I was never bored....every hour of every day of every month of every year was challenging and exciting, never a dull moment.

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Hours filling up but still feeling empty ?
by: Dan / Florida


You sound like you are doing all the "right" things one should do to make the transition to retirement easier but, clearly, something is missing. May I suggest that you are filling your hours but not doing the things that you would find rewarding at a deeper level.

In no particular order.... random thoughts...

Are you a spiritual person? Consider listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube

After 35 years in the saddle, what did you give up? Partying? Doing stuff with your husband?

Have you had your fill of travel?

Are you competitive?

Are you identifying with being an educator and now not sure who you are?

I hope this will help you in some small way. Remember its the friends you make along the way that make the journey enjoyable


Dan in Florida

Rodeo or Circus Clown
by: Joe W.

It looks like you need a new persona to replace your past social studies teaching career. I suggest that if you enjoy 'clowning around' then let's take your possible second career to a higher level. e.g. being a rodeo or circus clown requires one to develop their clown skills to a professional level.

There is also a an International group of entertainers that travels the world while performing their skits in outdoor venues. At the same time you will meet thousands of people where you could find other career options depending and your skills and interests. Also,you seem to have the courage that it takes to learn new things and apply them to the real world.

Joe W.

by: Anonymous

All that 'I' can say is, you WILL be slowing down soon whether you like it or like it. Get your butt under you before you take off, look at the sky and feel it, know that your home is going to be what you want to see when you return to it.

If you have all of these, and the like, you can be SURE of what you are DOING. Ideas will come to you.

Obviously your mind is going faster than your body, already. See it?! Hon, it's GOING to happen. Prepare yourself, and the rest should fall into place.

by: Anonymous

You will be surprised how much satisfaction there is in helping others as a volunteer

Clowns ROCK!
by: Wendy


Why not use your talent as a Clown in your local community?

Start with a few visits, to the hospital, local seniors center, day care... and start to get popular in the community. Later, get paying gigs for bigger (but local) events, FUN STUFF!

Retirees: Seriously, isn't a Clown the perfect thing for retirement? Do it -- if and when you choose to. Have Fun! It's not strenuous, can be oodles of fun for both you and your audience, even if only people walking down the street!

You have a Gift, Girl... Use it... Bet you already do!


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