It has finally happened... Retirement!

by Diane

I am in my second week of retirement.

I'm packing up to move so very busy but can certainly see how depression can set in when you all of a sudden have empty days with the occasional lunches from former collegues.

But some things are happening, the pressure is gone... I find I can stand in a lineup without anxiety and just wait my turn because I am no longer in a rush.

What a feeling... like a load has been lifted off.

Interestingly I do not miss work nor feel the real need to know what has happened to the ongoing projects at work....I don't really care, which surprises me.

I wonder what other surprises are in store as I build this new life.

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by: Jeff

After all these years, I just found out what the word RETIREMENT means............ the weight of the world is now off your shoulders. Relax, enjoy, and discover a new life.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

When a person has done the planning for retirement, & has sufficient funds to enjoy their retirement, Life doesn't get any better than that!

This is a new chapter in your life, about u, all the good u can get from it. l am happy for u, keep an open mind and an open heart, pay it forward if u like!

Surprises Galore
by: Joe W.


Welcome to retirement and the 'No Need To Rush' Society. When I first left the corporate world this was my actual motto.

I thought that the good 'surprises' would just happen over night. No such luck.

After many years in the meditation mode and wondering what I should do next it took a long time for me to discover that you should probably start from ground zero. In this way you have no excess baggage to deal with that is accumulated from old employers and of course from the old friends.

I say start with a clean slate and try to make your own surprises by being better than you used to be.

Joe W.

by: Ned

I had all sorts of plans of doing things I really wanted to but it has taken me almost 10 years to really start to be able to do them.

It seems once you retire all sorts of things seem to pop up that you were missing while in the work force... but the best one of all is now I can say NO if something does not interest me or I figure I am just being used to accomplish someone elses goals.

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