It Takes A Village

by Jane Curtis aka texasjane

This site is the village it takes to raise hope and promote encouragement to all those who need it.

I recently was hospitalized. I was in a 'ward' with 12 other patients, all of whom were very sick. When I arrived everyone was so gloomy. There was no hope in the room. The TV was on the news 24/7. I was so depressing. But... I had my laptop with me.

I started chatting with one patient then another. Since I was considered the "kid" in the neighborhood, and I am 68, I thought why not introduce them to my village of coaches.

I started reading articles, blogs, stories and all to the whole group. Each day they would ask me to fire up my PC and read to them more of the hope and encouragement this village supplies. It was wonderful.

No longer was the conversation about their illnesses, aches and pains but on memories and subjects written about on this site.

I know for a fact that this site was able to supply what the doctors could not supply. Laughter, prayers of hope and peace, and sense of value... an incentive to get better. The difference is we were getting well sooner than expected. Imagine that.

Thank you Wendy for providing a place where people who need it the most can not only get the coaching and advice they need in their golden years but you also allow them to share it with others. The magic of this site is paid forward every time it is shared.

I love this site and the community for all the good they do. I humbly thank Wendy for keeping up this good work.

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by: Irwin

Thanks Jane for sharing stories from Wendy's site with others. I know how good those stories make me feel when I read them and I am not in a hospital. Good job. Stay safe and well.

You can take a laptop to the hospital
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

I had a pet sitter who was going to take care of my animals while I was gone. I decided to take my laptop with me to protect it and my files. I had no idea how much I would enjoy having it or how useful it would be there. If they let you have magazines... take your laptop instead.

Thank YOU Jane!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You were hospitalized -- and lugged along your computer?

Oh, a woman with a heart like me! GRIN!


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