It's A Small World

by Ken Burdick
(Dade City, Fla USA)


To bring you up to date, I was born in St Petersburg Florida at Bay-front Medical Center (FNA) Mound Park Hospital on August 21st 1938. Attended the local schools there and at the age of 19 enlisted in the United States Navy for four years.

With an Honorable discharge in hand I set out to fulfill a dream.

I took and passed the entrance exam for the St. Petersburg Fire Department. I was hired on March 15,1965. And twenty years later I retired, the last six years as a Lieutenant at my own firehouse #6 on the C shift.

And here is where my story/tale begins. Fifteen years after joining the department! It was a Saturday afternoon and my crew and I were all at the table where we ate or held school when acting District Chief Fulford came in the door. The important thing about this day is the Date! August 21st.

As he came through the door he made a reference as to happy birthday. I believe I gave him a funny look and inquired as to how he knew it was in fact my birthday. Well he informed me he was speaking of his own birthday and not mine.

At the fire stations there is always someone trying to pull something over on you all the time and I suspected that this was the case.

Upon further questioning he informed me that he too was born in St, Pete and at Mound Park Hospital! I was almost afraid to ask the final question because of what the answer might be. And yes like myself he was born in 1938.

Well folks that left me with only one thought. Surely there couldn’t have been that many babies born on the same day in 1938. And more than likely my mom and his had shared a room together. The only sad thing was that my mother had passed away prior to this and I would not be able to talk with her about this strange event.

“Yes indeed it is a small world!”

Wendy's Two Cents: Thanks Ken! It truly is a small world... geesh!

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