It’s getting worse (lazy husband)

by Donna in Canada

My husband got a large payout at age 53 and quit his job on the spot. He is home all day everyday. He goes to town to get the mail and is back in 30 minutes.

He has taken over the garden and lawn, both of which I enjoyed but he has absolutely nothing to do. So he sits in the living room and stares at the internet for hours on end.

I feel like I can’t get my own things done because he’s in the way.
He is now 60 I’ve decided to just ignore him and do my housework.

I do go and visit my mother and usually stay 3-6 weeks.

I really wish he would give me a break and go somewhere.

All his friends farm so they’re busy most of the time.

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by: Ellie Mae

There's NOTHING you can do, except to stop reminiscing about before he retired. He's gonna dig in like a tick if he senses you're trying to control him.

Ultimately, you either accept him the way he is now, or move on. Sounds like you really don't enjoy spending time with him; you disconnected long ago.

Lazy husband
by: Joy/TX

Your husband is who he is. If he is happy then that is matters. Continue to do what you need and enjoy doing. My husband is the same way. At times under foot.

I still do housework, go to the gym three times a week to swim, meet with girlfriends once a week for coffee.

Together once a week we volunteer for the Food Bank Everything scheduled is on a central calendar so hubby knows my schedule. He is welcome to add to the schedule.

It works for us.

Take care of you.

Lazy Husband
by: Sherry/ NC USA

Please stop complaining about your husband. He is enjoying his retirement! You can do something if you want to?

His mind controls him. Remember when you met him and fell in love? Well he needs you now. Be nice to him.

by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

Donna, Your husband is going to do what he is going to do. Don't focus on him, focus on yourself.

Do what makes you happy. That's what he is doing.

You can live a happy life and let him be. Maybe he'll see you enjoying yourself and wonder what's up?!

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