It's rough out there...

by Anon.

I had a union job for 27 years with 13 years perfect attendance. I made 21.00/hr and great insurance(that I rarely used ).

In 2003 the company filed chapter 11 (which I lost my pension). The company shut down the plant and 2 weeks later came up under a new corporation. The new company kept about a hand full of people on just to keep it running and laid everyone off.

Now I'm 58 years old and working for a 3rd of what I made and with no insurance. For some reason I can't seem to keep a job anymore than 6 months at a time. Either the job ends or just lately personal conflicts on the job raises my anxiety.

I feel like a complete loser, my family says that I'm not a loser.

I'm 4 years away from early retirement and it can't come soon enough. The next 4 years seems like climbing Mount Everest in a snow storm. Also no one wants to hire a 58year old has been.

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Job Interviews: Here's how to get around the age thing
by: Nui

I've worked in HR for 20 years. There is a lot of prejudice against hiring older workers because there's a perception that they're slower, they won't grasp new ideas quickly, they're set in their ways, etc.

Here's the magic trick to get past all that....

At some point in the interview, you say "Statiscally, most young people nowadays job hop on the average of every 3 years. That means that every 3 years, you have to train someone new, which costs the company money. At my age, I'm looking for stability and I can guarantee loyalty to the company in the long term. I'm 58 years old, I love learning new skills and, if you hire me, you will be getting a hard-working, loyal employee for at least 7 years if not longer."

Mt. Everest Here We Come
by: Joe W.


It sounds like your in for a great adventure.

The 4-or 5 years before the official retirement (without a job) I call no mans land, death valley or the abyss. Many seniors experience this frightening time. I went through it myself including the fact about saving heating cost by turning down the thermostat, and wearing more clothes in a colder home environment.

I think your climbing Mt. Everest in a snowstorm will be a time when you can do some self-discovery, and try to find out what you want to do with the remaining chapters in your life.

You will decide what's best for yourself and/or Family.

Go For It!

Joe W.

Be persistent
by: Retired Traveller

I wish I were your age again. I was working at a fantastic museum for a very good salary when I was still in my early 70's. When I left it wasn't because they asked me to leave, I was the one who left, due to health reasons.

Update your resume - you may have to have it done professionally. Find a free agency that deals with older employees. Believe it or not, I have heard employers say that they "prefer" older employees. They are more dependable and have more experience usually.

Be persistent - never give up. Sometimes being really pro-active does pay off.

Lots of people on your side, #1, your family.

All good wishes and new opportunities to you in the New Year!

So make lemonade!
by: Roslyn

Hi Anon: I feel sorry that you have had a rough time with your job and such. I understand how that feels.
Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, except death and taxes!

Be happy to be alive and here with your family. Be grateful for what you do have. Life is one challenge after another and, as I have learned, is not a bowl full of cherries. Try and focus on the positive.

If Plan A doesn't work, there is always a Plan B.

So when dealt lemons, make lemonade and celebrate your life!

u r not a loser*
by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

what has happened to u , happens to many many people every day, 24 - 7. u just have to pull up your socks, swallow your pride, and stop feeling sorry for yourself and get moving !

a man of 58 years is not old , a man of 75 or 80 is old.

get up out of that bed , have a shower, and go for a walk. u will start to feel much better, your body, your mind, and then u can focus on what really matters !

your situation is not your fault, this is how the world is today in the job market. your family loves u and they r there for u.

many times when people get involved with volunteer work, that can lead to a job opportunity. so, get out there and look for those opportunities and stay positive, keep smiling, & MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013

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