It’s Time to Convert

by Gary

Did I get your attention? LOL. I was forced into retirement at 58 for age bias and health reasons but I’m not writing about that. I’m over that.

I’m married with 3 adult girls. I spent almost every function, holiday and occasion behind the lens of a video camera recording all functions. Like most people you probably have an archive of old VCR tapes taking up valuable space.

I asked each child would you be interested in any of those tapes without getting an overwhelming response. I could not just throw them out because I felt like I was throwing out a big part of my life and missing the enjoyment of the occasions I was at.

Since I now had the time I started a project converting crates of tapes to DVD while keeping the new digital format on files on the computer. This project took me over 6 month’s part time.

When I finally finished I took each video, filed them by year, and put all of them on 3, 128g flash drives. The kids were ecstatic when they opened up these little small wrapped presents at Christmas.

I now was able to discard all those tapes but most important helped me through a tough transition.

Keep busy.

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Retirement is what you make it!
by: Irwin


The timing of reading your post is just right. We were at a Flea Market recently and one of the booths caught my eye as it was about reserving memories and the gentleman that was behind the table was doing exactly what you mentioned you were doing for your daughters.

I am including his website here within this message for informational purposes only. You may want to check it out as the information may assist you in deciding prices to charge and so forth should you move forward in your endeavor.

Best of luck to you.

by: Wee-zer


If you don't wish to do this as a business, maybe you could do a YouTube video as a tutorial to teach people the steps. Seems you did an awful lot of work and could help people learn how to do this.

Just a thought!

I liked your post
by: Larry Steward / SC

I agree with Wee-zer.

You could certainly turn your experience into an Internet service from the comfort of your home.

Regardless if you have any interest to do that, it does illustrate how people in retirement who do want to continue earning an income, can often convert a hobby or something they are good at into a fun way to help others and make money.

My role as your Work in Retirement coach here at Retirement-Online, is to help those who want to make money, view their strong interests and hobbies as the first place to seriously evaluate those interests as a good starting point to do that.

by: Wee-zer

Gary, you could start a little business doing conversion! I am sure there are many people who have the same situation as you had. Not sure how you would price your service but maybe you could do some investigation on that and test the waters. It sure would keep you busy and you could make some money!

What a GIFT!
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Your kids weren't thrilled about VCR tapes as they likely don't own machines necessary to watch them.

A thumb drive was a whole different animal -- joy joy!

What a gift you've given them!

Kudos to you!

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