It's Your Choice to Complain.

by John A
(Tyler, TX)

We've all heard the axiom that if we complain there's no one to listen. And for those who do listen, we have to pay them $200 / hour since they are either shrinks or lawyers; and they really don't care. Do they?

I view life is the way you make it. One can decide to be miserable, malcontent or whatever, or one can choose to be happy.

It's all a matter of choice. If I am handed lemons, I'll make lemonade by making the most out of the situation. I'll take something bitter and make it sweet.

The same can be said how we conduct our lives regardless of how bad things may seem at the time.
I am happy that I am on the north side of daisies and no dirt being thrown in my face. Even though times may get tough from time to time, I realize they are only temporary and the situation will always improve.

I am happy that I have nice friends around. After all, if a man is judged by the company he keeps, then I am a very wealthy person.

Finally, I am thankful for having peace of mind I get through my faith. I am satisfied with what I have accomplished in life and what I have in terms of material items. I've learned that the person with the most toys at the end of the game doesn't always end up winning.

Instead, it's how we live life and make the most of what we have. Complaining doesn't do much good since it's a state of mind about being unhappy about something. All complaining does is get you some grease to quiet things down. It's a temporary fix until some more grease is needed. And the cycle starts all over again.

It's better to just go with the flow of life. We have so much more than others around the world and our lives are much easier than theirs. We've all been

given huge gifts living free and prosperous lives. What do we really have to complain about when considering it from that aspect?

It's your choice.

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Well Said
by: Tom / San Antonio

You are so correct, we are fortunate to live as we do since millions of others in the world live in poverty, despair and with the constant threat of war and conflict.

We truly should give thanks for what we have even when we feel that what we have is perhaps not enough. God bless and thanks for your post.

Hmmm... Complaints
by: Wendy

Joe has a point -- some complaining, in terms of improving your environment, community, or life, could be good.... providing you are looking for real solutions. However, if you complain just to be heard, to get attention (even negative), or just because you live a miserable life... well, that's downright sad.

John is writing about the Complaining Retiree that I really wrote about -- those who don't want help, solutions or anything to make life better. They actually like a Grumpy Ole Life... and might even like the lonliness that might accompany it.

Just different perspectives... both valid.

Don't be Grumpy, Folks! :)

Complaints Appreciated???
by: John A.

@Joe the Seniorpreneur

Interesting perspective you have on complaining. Yes, there are positive complaints about products and services. And I must agree these types of complaints are positive provided solutions are offered. But, that is not what I was really speaking about. I was really addressing the general state of mind of the individual.

I think there are some folks who just complain about everything; whether its the weather, kids playing across the street or they got gas from the dinner from the night before, etc. In essence they are crotchety and nothing seems to satisfy them. They always seem to find the negative in something to complain about. This seems to me to be a state of mind where they choose to be malcontent and crotchety about life in general.

Life is much too short to approach it this way. And as I said earlier, we can always complain but there really isn't anyone who wants to listen. I sure don't want to be around someone who is always spewing negative thoughts and complaining about things..anything. They need to lighten up since that negative energy will impact their health and well being. And that point has been scientifically proven to be true.

In regards to the book you mention writing on complaining. I've seen more people succeed by being positive than negative. I certainly don't see many folks writing books on complaining / negativity. But, I do see many folks like Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Tony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Wallace D. Wattles, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William James, James Allen, Mary Baker Eddy and Bill Wilson writing about being positive and the power of positive thinking.

Complaints Appreciated
by: Anonymous

There are many seniors that are very good at complaining about many events, businesses and different municipal public services.

There are positive complaints and negative complaints. If you have the gift of seeing how things can be better or maybe how services can be improved then complaints can be appreciated by those sources that are receiving the complaints. Complaints are also one way that seniors can express themselves and have a voice. If you're really good at complaining you might have the opportunity to go on to the next higher level and write a book about your various complaints.

You will also be valued more if you can also come up with great solution to those different complaints.

Joe W.

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

When those of us realize that it isn't all about us, and begin to be thankful instead of demanding our own way or attention we begin to enjoy life have real and lasting peace and joy and find that is more beautiful than ever.

Many people who know me think I am a Polly Anna and had an easy life always getting my hearts desires. And it is quite the opposite on all fronts, but through my journey God has taught me that lasting joy comes from within, not in what we own or where we are or even who we are but who we are willing to become.

When we reach beyond ourselves blessings flow back to us in many unexpected ways.

Even a simple routine of walking your dog can become a glorious and wonderful blessing if you get present in that moment, and stop expecting and just enjoy and be thankful you are alive.

Now have I always done this well, no but God has taken me on a journey since my retirement that has taught me the truth in the fact that it is not all about me, and to stop demanding and expecting and just live each day with gratitude and trust and love yourself as God does.

Kudos John!
by: Wendy

Thank you!

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