Jan, financially ready to retire, but...

by Jan
(North Carolina)

I am scheduled to retire at the end of the year. I have found out that my company retiree insurance is going to be $100 more that I was originally quoted.

I think I can still handle this and my financial planner says that I am in a good financial place, so I can afford to retire.

Even so, I am VERY nervous about it and don't know what to do. Is this normal? Should I forget retiring and work longer? I am 63 years old and have some arthritic issues. My doctor says it the longer I work, the more damage I am doing to my joints.

I need objective advice.

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by: R. Smith

Jan, yes health care cost are going up and most likely, will do the same next year also. But at 63, you have worked long and hard and deserve to enjoy your retirement.

Life is much to short, not to be happy!

part time perhaps
by: Anonymous

I retired five years ago...retired that all would be lost.....better off today than ever....caught everything up. and lived on retirement money for 3 years and did odds and ends...than took a part time job 18 hours a week two years ago and have enjoyed it to pieces....maybe a part tine job is for you......ronaldj

Retirement Decisions...
by: Wendy

are rarely easy.

Most people (and main media) talk about money issues.. but quite often its not about the income, but about retirement itself. Some folks walk away and never look back. Many others worry -- it's a huge lifestyle change. It really is.

BUT -- like the rest of us, you will survive, just gotta figure out your next step, after you retire.

You are 63, worked a lifetime, you deserve some down time, don't you? Yep...

However -- you will be home now from 8am - 8pm, for example... what will you DO all day?

Just think about that.. do you have retired friends to have lunch with? Do you have hobbies or other interests to keep yourself mentally busy?

What will you do, all day, every day?

Best Wishes!

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