Jane Fonda's Workout for Boomers

by Wendy

Jane Fonda was writing a new book and while researching aging, she reaffirmed the need for exercise.

She found that "nobody does videos for people like me..." (from her interview with Matt Lauer, Dec. 2011) so what does Jane do? She creates two new videos, specifically for Boomers!

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Workouts give you power and control... she says it's more about your brain, your attitude of yourself. Exercise gives you control over your life, but it's not just about weight.

Jane says your brain shrinks with age, and she believes staying active postpones this. I agree... it really does help.

One more thing -- Jane is age 73 today, and she has had hip/ knee replacements which she says is not due to her exercise routines, but is genetic as her father and brother had replacements too.

Bottom Line, at 73 Jane Fonda still exercises.

Have you seen her lately? At 73, Jane looks fantastic!

WAIT - one more thing... Interestingly enough...

Jane says she is much happier and lives her own life... and it started after age 60. She became happier than ever, more confident, and comfortable in her own life.

I love that! Life starts at 60...

Life is good at 73!

p.s. Think what you may of Jane Fonda earlier in life... today, she is representing seniors living an active lifestyle and you certainly gotta love that!

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Virtues of Workouts!
by: Joseph Kainikkara, Kerala, India

Yes Wendy,

I believe no body can overstate the benefits of regular workouts. I am a living example of it.

I am an Indian who has just returned after a tenure of more than 2 decades in the Middle East. I am just past 60 and have been regularly exercising for more than 45 years.

During these past years I have had the fortune to meet and interact with people from all four corners of the world. Many of them are dismayed when I reveal my real age to them. They say I look at least 10 years younger!

I have had my share of accidents, illness etc., but the tremendous amount of confidence generated by the physical exercise has always helped me to bounce back. In fact I feel a total unease if, for some reason, I am not able to do my morning exercise. I can promise you, it is a great way to start your day!

Of course, coupled with the physical exercise, I try to practice the principle "less baggage, more comfort" in the journey of my life too.

Being spiritual also frees you of many of the woes of a retired life. (This is my view only!)

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