Jennie, my mom, passed at age 97

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Mom at her 90th Birthday Party!

Mom at her 90th Birthday Party!

Mom has been failing for months... she stopped going to the dining room, stopped going to activities too. Both of which she loved before as she was a very social person, helping everyone, despite being 97 and in a wheelchair.

The last month or two, she slept, ate, and slept some more... there was little conversation and we simply sat with her daily.

On April 11, 2024, Mom passed away with her family at her side. Lorri and I were there with our husbands, and Moms grands, Chaz, Kade, and Chantal were there too. We were all chattering about life, and I know hearing is the last thing to go -- I know, without a doubt, that Mom loved hearing us all chatter away! Family was near and she knew it.

Lorri moved bedside, and Lorri called out "Wendy", silence flooded the small room. Lorri felt her last breath. Quiet, peaceful, no hospitals, no medical intervention -- mom passed away peacefully. If death could be called "beautiful" it was... so painless, so peaceful, so calm.

Mom and I were daily companions for most of my retirement -- first as companions with shopping and lunches, later as caregiver after her husbands death July 2021 (mom fell, broke her right hip and shoulder) and entered Assisted Living. She had friends and was happy and busy there until quite recently.

I will miss her dearly...

Here is the video of Jennie, my Mom from the Memorial website.

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A New Season of Life
by: Carrie

I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, Wendy. No one prepares us for losing our parents. It’s a new season of finding your new path. I hope you’ll stay close, though. I always enjoy this site.

Hugs from Carrie in Texas

I am so sorry
by: Susan/ Richmond, VA

Wendy, please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your Mom. From reading your blogs, for years, I saw how close you were to her, and she to you. Tou totally enjoyed her life, and enjoyed being with her and then helping her.

You also really enjoyed her Assisted Living Home and becoming friends with those that lived there. I know this will be a hole in your life...for now...but I am sure you will now fill it with your won pastimes, work and hobbies.

It will take a while, but your life with now become your focus. You helped your Mom through her last journey in life, and from my readings of it, she helped you too, with your Retirement.

I had the same relationships with my Mother and Father, on their last journeys. Our parents were fortunate to have us...and we were fortunate to have them, too.

Take care. Your new life begins now.

So Sorry For Your Loss
by: Karen

Your mom was lucky to have such a devoted daughter in her life. I love how you describe her death as"beautiful". We should all be so lucky. May your fondest memories of your mom and the happy times warm your heart. ❤️

by: Donna

Wendy thank you for sharing your loss. Your mom was beautiful and sounds like a great person. May great memories surround you and lead you through your sorrow

Sorry for your loss
by: Marcia East Stroudsburg PA

I am sorry for your loss.

Your situation was very similar to mine. I took care of my mother for the last six years of her life. She passed away at 95 1/2 and I enjoyed her company very much. I moved her into my apartment (which was downstairs) and made sure she was well taken care of.

Those years were very special to me and I know you were glad that you were able to do it also.

The fact that your mom died peacefully, in her own bed with her family around her was a beautiful sendoff.

I'm sorry
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

No question really. I want you to know I'm sorry about your mom but, what a great life at 97. Wendy we need you. I hope you keep this site active.

by: Ricardo, U.S.A.

Wendy, so sorry to hear of the loss of Mom, certainly a long life, BUT, regardless of that, no matter how many times we say goodbye to this life and our loved ones and those that have crossed our path, IT IS NEVER EASY!

We must travel on in this life not knowing when our journey will end, BUT, rest assured it will end and our future in an after life, IF it exists is uncertain, eternity is a term that I grapple with and perhaps always will. No one has come back to describe IF in fact there is something AFTER life.

I do believe that we ALL have a purpose for our existence some can figure that out while living, others not until death!

Perhaps All our questions will be answered as we leave this earthly world, OR,they will be of no importance at that time. Blink an eye and life is over, no turning back, no do overs. We get it right the first time or not!

We went out to lunch today at a small Cafe several miles from home, we were the only customers at the time. As the afternoon progressed, there was a party of 12 enjoying a birthday, at another table a family including elderly parents & an a one year old, ALL enjoying life and companionship, ALL in different stages of life,t he very young, the middle aged, the old timers, a slice of life...beginnings& ends...peace& love Wendy, you will carry on.

WE ALL MUST CARRY ON, it us the cycle of LIFE!

by: Karin, Michigan

You are so lucky to have had such a great relationship with your mom all those years but also your mom is so lucky to have you. Your love shines through. Your connection is still there. I have never seen anyone want to take better care of their mom xo

Your dear mom
by: Norma, Greenwood, SC

I am so sorry for your loss.
You will be OK and I know you will have lots to do so you won't be depressed. You are a great help and friend to many!
Love & prayers,

Your Mom
by: Janet/Boston, MA

Dear Wendy, I am so sorry in my response to you. I read the sad news of your dear loving mother's passing. I want to offer my deepest condolences to you and your family.

A mother is very precious, loving and so many things. She gave birth to us, raised us, she did so very much. My heart goes out to you as Mother's Day is quickly approaching!

I have been busy dealing with the sickness of my oldest son had the passing of his and his brother's father, my husband going on ten years now. I have been retired since 2008.

I wanted to thank you for this wonderful web site and your support. May God blessed us all and give us faith and hope. Kindly Janet

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