Job Regrets? Consider the Negatives

by Weezer

I lost my job at age 52 after working 18 years at an R&D company. They moved out of my State and although I was offered a job, I didn't take it. It is 12 years now and I still 'pine' for that job. I made extreme money and saved a lot.

However, I have been thinking about some of the negatives about the job and am more comforted that I no longer work there. In some ways it was a toxic atmosphere. Some of my coworkers were mean and back stabbers. Depending on whom I worked for life was good or bad. I worked for one guy who was a maniac and I never knew from one minute to the next what would pop into his head and I would be dragged somewhere to do work for him. I worked tons of OT and travelled.

The job changed my life in so many positive ways but there were bumps along the way. All I can say is that part of my life is over and is in the past. There is no way to go back in time so we must go forward.

Keep your happy thoughts of your previous job and try to bring that happiness to your new job!

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Job Karma
by: Weezer

John A. you really identified the problem of the back biters is that they didn't have enough to do! You really nipped that in the bud!

The company I worked at for 18 years really wasn't dysfunctional, it was the people. Everyone was well educated and I always said some well educated people have to lose common sense to be able to be so smart.

I worked with scientists and believe me they are a different breed. There was one extremely educated person who was very sports oriented and NORMAL! I loved that guy and he would assign his work in a methodical way unlike some of the other scientists who jumped around.

People are what makes a job great or miserable. Bosses included. I had one boss who I got along with for a long time. Then he started demanding more and more from me. Not really appreciating my efforts. He sometimes would realize that there was no way I could do 50 things in 2 hours and would pitch in. He and I became like oil and water due to his ways. He left the company and one day called and told me he had not appreciated me like he should have. He transferred to another facility and found out that the people assigned to him didn't light a candle to me. Too bad he hadn't realized it when I worked for him.

Didn't retire at 52
by: Weezer

Ken, I didn't actually retire at age 52. I worked a few temp jobs that were so below my skill level and bored me to tears. But I needed a paycheck so I dealt with it.

Then I found another career job that fit my skill level and enjoyed that job for 4 years and was laid off again. I was able to collect unemployment for 73 weeks. That is when unemployment was at an all time high.

Then my Mom got sick and eventually passed away. I have not worked since 2011 (age 58).

The last job I had was at a company that was teeter tottering on the verge of going out of business. The company was very poorly run and to this day is pretty messed up. They hire and fire and lay off. They never seem to get customers. It is more of a hobby company by the owner.

Consider the Negative of your former job
by: Ken, San Diego


Count your blessings that you could retire at age 52. I semi-retired at age 55, but had to go back to work, more for the non-activity!

I worked 8 years more (part time 2 days a week) for my friend's company (I am an Accountant) but Aug 2016 they moved to Houston TX of all places (YES, they did get flooded from the hurricane!)

I decided to fully retire Aug 11, 2016. First 4 mos were great, but then a year passed and I was getting antsy I now schedule something to look forward to.. like my 4th trip to Hawaii in Jan, Cross country train trip in Jun 2018, and my 14th trip to Thailand somewhere in between.

SO .. enjoy your time OFF work... I worked with Doctors, most of my career, the worst people to work with!

Job Karma
by: John A. / Tyler, TX

Like you, I often worked around people that made me wonder if Darwin was right about the theory of evolution. Some people in this world are plain ole crazy and regardless of how much you make, it isn't worth putting up with their antics that make you unhappy.

Years ago, I had coworkers who were really unhappy with their lives and made the work environment toxic. If you looked at them wrong, said something wrong or happen to wear a color they didn't like, they were in the boss' office complaining. It was on a daily basis a complaint was lodged against someone.

Then came the day I was promoted to manager. It was a day that things changed for the least for me. I had not been in my new office for more than an hour when these individuals came in to complain about one of the other employees. So what did I do? I decided that they did not have enough work and started assigning additional projects to them. When I began to see more water cooler talk taking place, I'd start assigning more work since they apparently had more time on their hands to talk about others, plan and scheme.

Pretty soon the gossip, back biting and idle talk began to wane and do did the usual daily complaints. The work place started to be an enjoyable place to be and the other employees who were targets of the back biting began to enjoy their work, as well. The trio who were the source of many problems either got the message or moved on elsewhere in the company.

In the end, the problems went away and the trouble makers either weeded themselves out or they changed their tune and became productive employees and finally happy with themselves. That's not to say there were not any bumps along the way, but the work environment certainly became much more cordial and folks got along.

From the sounds of things for you, Weezer, is that
it appears there was a total lack of leadership where you worked; provided they were made aware of the situation. If they didn't know, then that's another issue that should have been raised by employees to management. Otherwise, if no one says anything, then it is often assumed all is OK provided work output does not drop off. This is a classic situation as expressed in the movie "Cool Hand Luke": "What we have here is the failure to communicate".

by: Anonymous

So true. Focusing on the past just makes life miserable. We see what we lost, not what we have.

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