July 2021 Reflections / Choices

by matt i

Certainly interesting times in this universe.

For those retiree's who look at their half glass of water and continue to be sad--buy some drums and bang them to complain, play the cello to cry, stomp the organ to moan. Or open the windows and sing of your fortune of the pleasure of the freedom and joy living in the USA-with such tropical array and variety of every kind of food and drink known -- 2,000 kinds of water and soda, 3,000 kinds of bread and cereal,5,000 kinds of snacks and junk food.

Meanwhile most of the world is boiling tree bark to make tea for breakfast. Only place in the world where you get paid to get a vaccination is probably the greatest evidence that we are living in a favored place in the world - while others boil tree bark for tea.

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Focus externally
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

Most of us are not struggling to survive. So, we have time to focus on our emotions and that which is wrong in our lives.

While the suggestion by Matt is to stop complaining and be thankful, perhaps more importantly, we could focus on how to help those who boil bark for making tea. While international travel might not be possible, volunteering for a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, animal shelter, woman's shelter, your church, or other worthwhile charitable organization could help us focus on others as opposed to ourselves.

This would help improve the world around us and at the same time ease some of the inner turmoil that many of us experience.

As a side note, I drink five cups of black tea per day as I love tea, but I also heard that it will decrease my risk of having a stroke by 67% along with many other health benefits.

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