Jumping off a Cliff

by Nancy
(Santa Claus, IN)

I am grateful this isn't this time two years ago, because I was getting ready to retire in a few days at that time. Little did I know what a challenge adjusting to retirement would be.

The regret that I had left my job went on for about a year. The regret was the absolute worst. I beat up on myself. I tried to recreate my job by finding another one.

I have come to realize that retirement was the best decision for me. I have had some health problems, and just do not have the energy a job would take, especially my last job. I do not need the stress at this time of life. Looking back, I see I have come a long way.

HOWEVER, I still miss the job somewhat. The status of having a job title. Income from earning. HOWEVER, I've learned that this is definitely a process of adjustment and things never turn out like you had anticipated.

I enjoy my days now. I've found a hobby which I am passionate about: quilting vintage quilts and quilt tops. I am very grateful I found something I enjoy.

My husband had retired 10 years prior to my retirement, so we are home together a lot more, which has actually been a good thing. Our house is rather small, so I carved out a workplace for myself where I have my sewing machines and a desk where I can read, write, or do my Bible studies.

I found this website 1.5 years after I retired, and this was just what I needed, to read stories of other people in the same boat. Having said, that I need to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who offer harmful and unwanted advice. For the most part, this has been a great help, and I can take what I need and leave the rest.

Wendy: Nancy, thanks for posting your update status. Your last thoughts are what this site is all about. It only takes one persons thought, the perfect words, to turn around your retirement. The same words mean little to someone else, but to you, they mean the world.

PS... here is my friends quilt website. She has oodles of free patterns out there! Just cut and paste into the browser window:


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Comment for Pip
by: Nancy

I can identify with that feeling of being lost. I was very lost the first few months. It did get better for me.

The problem with feeling lost for me, was that b/c was lost, I beat up on myself for making the decision to retire. That was awful, going through the regret. I still have many lingering feelings of regret, although I know intellectually I made a hugely fortuitous decision.

I love my life now, but like I said earlier, it is a journey.

I hope I get there
by: Plp

I hope I get a comfort level in retirement. I feel lost right now.

thanks for your comments
by: Nancy

I've said this a million times since I joined this website, I'm glad I'm not alone in this journey.

Wendy: Thanks Nancy! AND I am glad you found this site. You are not alone.. and soon, I hope, you will be the one posting your retirement success story!

Thanks for this article
by: Graciela H. Carpentier

I just retired and your story seems something I would write later on. I just retired and feel lost. I, too, quilt, but there is just so much you can do. I try to read but my mind isn't there. I've been home almost 2 weeks and I don't know if I am going to be able to handle it. Reading your article has given me hope that things will change.

I can't thank you enough for sharing what I thought was only on my mind.

Presently I've been pen palling, reading and quilting.


I know what you mean....
by: Anonymous

Dear Nancy

Thank you for sharing your retirement journey.
It sounds like you have found quilting as a great hobby.

I have been off work for 5 months, still missing the workplace, co workers, being part of a team, however, I dont miss the stress.
I did not know how much of a transition this would be for me. However, I am slowly carving out a new, relaxed schedule.

I have been walking three times a week. I also volunteered at a local holiday dinner, which I enjoyed. I had to step out of my box to sign up for this event which is not easy for me. Much to my surprise, I plan on volunteering next year at this event.

I am still looking for that hobby. I spend time with family. Most of my friends still work, so I am trying to meet other people.

The good news is I feel much better as time goes on. I feel less anxious and realize that change
does not happen over night.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences
Have a joyous new year

The optimist
by: Anonymous

What did the optimist say when he jumped off a cliff? 'So Far so Good.'

Lucky You!
by: Dean

Congratulations on finding a hobby you really love! I wrote on here a while ago about how I envy my wife for her hobby. She is a long time quilter but didn't have much time for it over the last 20 years since she returned to the workplace to help put our girls through college. She had no doubt what she'd do once she had the time. Now that we are retired she constantly has 2 or 3 quilts going at the same time. She has a queen size quilt on her quilt rack, another she is piecing in her lap next to me while we are watching the Bears and Packers play and a third in the cutting stage in her sewing room. I have yet to find such an engrossing hobby but I am enjoying the search!

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