June does Retirement...

by June
(New York)

I am a 70 year old woman living in New York. I spend the vast majority of my time pursuing interests I was unable to during my working years.

I have six grown children and nine grand
children, so I spend a week a month visiting one of them.

I still actively attend my local church and go to bible study and prayer group once week. i take great pride in my wine & cheese book club that meets once a month- women of all ages and stages discussing books.

Each year I travel to visit my oldest daughter who lives in London and has been there for nearly 20 years. I enjoy travel and will sometimes fly to visit friends who have retired to Florida and South Carolina.

A normal day for me begins with a walk in the morning. I follow that up with either prayer group or breakfast at a local place with some friends. The balance of my day is spent volunteering at church events or visiting with my children.

I eat out probably about 4 times a week. I do not spend alot of time watching TV, but I make sure to be home for "Law and Order SVU " every week.

A nap is a luxury that I haven't gotten used to.

I try to keep my mind active with reading, even going to the local park with my Kindle and reading the latest crime thriller.

I have found over the last year that I have grown to love golf of all things! I never played while my husband was alive, although he loved the sport. After his death, I decided to try it and quickly learned and loved it !

When I visit friends and family I always stop at local courses.

Who knew I would find a new hobby in retirement ?

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