Just a Funny Story For A Grin and Chuckle

by Donna
(Augusta, Mo)

I am newly retired from a 38 year RN career I have been trying to remember some of the funny stories that made me laugh hard over the years.

This one has to do with my SUV. I had worked a long nightshift at the hospital, I live in Missouri so it was late October and the weather was getting cooler. I walked to my car and turned the key absolutely nothing happened not a moan or a crank.

I sat there a moment and thought great I am tired and a little cool just want to go home. But, I realized I better act. So, I opened the car door and thought oh it's cooler than I thought and closed the door back up and as an after thought tried the ignition again and low and behold it started.

Instead of going home I went directly to get a new battery the car repairman told me my battery checked out fine I said that's ok change it anyway I don't want to have to worry that my car won't start as winter is approaching.

The next day same as before the car wouldn't start as I was at home I called the tow service and they were in route and again I tried the car and it started. I cancelled the tow and went directly to the Dealer never have had any trouble with my Honda. The service tech told me it sounded as if maybe a mouse could've gnawed at my wiring and asked if I parked in a garage I told him I did.

He told me it happened him and he got sonic mouse deterrants that plug into your electrical outlets but, be careful if you have small animals.

He said his daughter had a hamster and that they found the hamster in it's cage, dead. So, they didn't want her to be upset so they replaced with a live hamster and she was none the wiser. However, the next day he was leaving for work and noticed the hamster wasn't moving, it was dead.

So, he discarded it and found a small stuffed animal and replaced it in the cage putting the shavings around it and would deal with it after work.

His wife was leaving later to go to her job and saw that the hamster in the cage was not moving, She scooped it up shavings and all put in a box and took it back to the pet store. She told the clerk this is ridiculous we only had this hamster one day and as she was talking he was unwrapping the hamster.

You guessed it he thought he was dealing with a crazy person. He said his wife didn't talk to him for 2 days after that. I needed that laugh.

So, they checked out my car and the mystery of it not starting was a loose battery cable. I got 2 laughs out of this and finally my car fixed.

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by: Donna Augusta Mo

Thanks for the comments No I don't know if they got the little girl another hamster but, I have a feeling they probably did.

I hope all who read this just get a little chuckle or a big smile. That's what retirement should be all about relax, enjoy and smile You have earned it!!!

by: St Charles

Heard of frog in your throat. Never of mouse in your hood.

by: Irwin - Lakeland

Good story - did you ever learn if they ever got their daughter another hamster?

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