Just devastated

We moved from NY to Florida to babysit for our new grandchild. I watched her from early morning to early evening Mon-Fri. Sometimes on the weekends, also.

My daughter met someone in California and is moving there. My heart is broken.

I don't know how I will adjust to my granddaughter not being here. She will be starting kindergarten in the fall and will have a whole new life.

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From Another Perspective
by: Gail/Fresno, CA

Sometimes I am a little envious when I see and hear people talk about their grandchildren. I have two daughters, one married and one single. Neither of them want any children. So I know there is the possibility that I may never have any.

You can proudly say you are a grandparent and thank God for the experience that others do not ever get to have.

Faith Saying
by: Doris/CA

Natasha - Love your saying "Something with a different meaning will come into your life."

Wishing you the best
by: Dianne/South Florida

Sue, I don't have children, but have a young niece and nephew whom I love very much.

Their patents have moved a couple of times from Florida to Las Vegas and each time it was so painful to see them leave.

I wish you and your family well. Try to take some time to adjust and decide what you want for you.

I feel your pain
by: Sue

I am on the east coast, my daughter's husband's job took them to the west coast, along with my two grandsons, 1 and 3 years old. It breaks my heart to be missing out on watching their new daily accomplishments.

I fly out there as often as I can but it's exhausting and expensive, and with the quarantine, I can't fly at all.

Thank God for photos, but it's not the same. I'm going to try Facetiming and Skyping with at least the 3 year old just so he doesn't forget his Grandma. :(


by: Natasha

Well of course you moved! What a priviledge you had to take care of her. She has been forever shaped by your care and love. Hang in there. Trust that she will be okay. Stay in Florida and rest for a while. Something with a different meaning will come into your life.

A New Life
by: Sherry/ NC

Your daughter will experience a new life now when she moves to CA. She is emotionally involved, but should consider her daughter first. People do things too quick. I told my son and daughter when they were of age to always date someone for 2 or 3 years before they made a commitment. This way they can learn the other person's habits and the other person can learn their habits too and decide if they can live with those habits before they made a big decision in their life.

If it were me I would have done the samething you did by moving to be closer and to be able to help my family, but I wouldn't move again.

You can keep in touch by FaceTime and phone and visiting. Everything will work out, but you have to take care of yourself too.

Good luck.

by: Jane/Texas

Your daughter may move to Ten Buck Too but with today's technology you can visit everyday.

I have also found that volunteering as a baby sitter for a young mom, just like your daughter, also helps.

You need to make sure you have the tablet or something that allows you to Skype on exchange pictures and videos. Today's technology makes being apart a whole lot easier.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Oh, I feel bad for you -- but I also wish your happiness could come from within, from dinner and day trips with your husband, from interests and hobbies, and more.

People change. Life goes on...

Years ago, my sister wanted her eldest son to find a CEO position with a Credit Union, his deepest desire. Guess what? He did! Only it was in Delaware, not Michigan! God had bigger and better waiting for him that we couldn't even imagine!

Same could be true for your daughter. I'm sure you want your daughter to find happiness too? She needs to create a life too. AND if it doesn't work out, she might be moving back again and needing your help. Only time will tell...

It always amazes me how people move and are ready to settle down with a largely unknown stranger -- someone they've only chatted with online -- even if they've met.

OK, so even if they remained in Florida, the grand will be in school full-time in just another year. Right?

You can visit California every year (like my sister visits Delaware). You can even choose to move there, or any state closer to CA, if this works out.

Seriously -- breathe! It will be alright. You sound so much like my sister here -- and that situation did work out. Give it time.

As soon as they move, you MUST get out of the house (assuming pandemic allows)! Go out to lunch, walk the neighborhood, take day trips or long drives, whatever -- start new routines and keep yourself moving to keep mentally challenged and keep live a good lifestyle!

Best Wishes!

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