Just retired, anxious and struggling

by Maggie

I've just retired and I'm finding it really challenging. I am anxious - never really was before and it's debilitating.

It's a lot of different things that I think led to this-- I hadn't had time to prepare for retiring. Everyone's circumstances are different - I'm usually a planner but my life was overloaded with care giving for my parents who recently passed so don't have many friends or hobbies.

My parents passed away in the past couple of years. I do have a meditation practice that helps and I do have a regular exercise class. I've signed up the for the class and hope it helps. Thanks for sharing your story - it helps to know that others find it rocky at first too.

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by: Sherry/NC

Hi, yes, initially retirement is rocky because you don't know what you are doing?

When I retired I took 2 months to wind down so to speak from the hectic work world. This time I took helped me to think and decide what I wanted to do. The key word here is "wanted". I did NOT want to start doing things just because I felt like I needed to!

Everything takes time and this is good because we have time to think about it! Walking helped me to think and decide about my retirement; just being in the fresh air and hearing the birds sing! I felt wonderful!

Friends will come along when you get out there and start doing the things you want to! Some people think you are supposed to do something and not just sit around and do nothing, but a little sitting around by yourself or with friends can help to.

Everyone has their own opinion; you just do want you want to as much of it and or little of it! You can say to yourself I don't have to rush into this retirement thing I will think about it and just do what I want!! Yep, just do what I want to!!

Doesn't that sound good?! RELAX

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