Just wasn’t ready for retirement

by Greg/Missouri

I retired two months ago at age 55 after 32 years with the same company. I was nervous about retiring, but was very stressed in my job, and so I retired.

I have a medium pension and a 401k savings. The day I retired I had an uneasy feeling, and it has gotten worse each day. I thought I was comfortable with what I saved, but now I also am terrified to spend money. I have such anxiety that I can hardly think straight. I feel I didn’t build a big enough cushion into my savings plan.

I regret now that I retired but no going back now. If I can get my anxiety controlled so I can think straight, I feel I need to get another job, but am afraid I will never find a decent job being 55.

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You're not too old
by: Joy/Houston TX

When I was 62, I was in a job in Annapolis at which I was not happy. A "friend" told me I was too old to find another job. HOWEVER, I did find another job in northern VA (DC area) at a 30% increase in pay.

I worked in my new job until I was 71 and received 2 promotions - the last one to Director of Contracts. So, in my opinion, if you want another job, go look for a good one and don't let anyone tell you you're too old.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

by: Anonymous

Hi Greg

First contact your former employers and see if you
can get back on part time (without benefits). That way if they agree you can slowly adjust to how you will spend your spare time.

If they say no, get any job even making pizza or giving customers fast food. It will organize your day, get you to meet people and get out of your anxiety and give you a tiny bit of $ you will feel free to spend.

Good luck!

Not ready for retirement
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Not Ready:

It is very likely there is a job out there waiting for you and people who would be lucky to hire you. You are still young and can be valuable in work that you are comfortable doing....especially if you are at ease with a computer.

Keep in touch and enjoy your search.

Many blessings

Don't Let Anxiety Take Over Your Life
by: Linda/Nevada

I was not ready to retire 3 years ago but when I was laid off from my job I had to rethink my plan for retirement.

My only income is Social Security so I really had to carefully plan my finances to match my income.

Most people do the opposite. They feel like they have to have an income high enough to meet their current expenses. It is a reality that most middle class people never seem to have enough money.

Challenge yourself to live your best life with the income you have and let go of your fears. Trust yourself that you made the right decision.

Retiring too early
by: Marcia/Pennsylvania

I was in a similar situation except my company moved to another state and I was out of a job at 53. I too felt lost and worried about what I would do and who would hire me. That was many years ago but the same anxiety as you are feeling.

I saw an advertisement for an Expo for Seniors in New York City. At that time I lived in Brooklyn, New York. So I took the train into the city and wandered around the Expo.

An idea crossed my mind. Maybe the woman who ran the Expo might have some work I could do at home. I really didn't feel like fighting the subway any more. So I took a chance and called her.

She said that the only thing she could offer me was selling space at the Expo and I would get a commission for each booth I sold. I also asked her about typing. I did her mailing lists, typed the labels, put them on the cards, stamped them, sorted them and mailed them at the Post Office.

The pay was not excellent and it was hard selling space, but I enjoyed the freedom of working from home whenever I wanted to. I was an administrative secretary for 19 years and was very organized. I attended the shows and catered to the people I brought in if there were any glitches along the way.

So now is a good time for you to evaluate what you like to do and maybe start a new career. We usually wind up taking a job to pay the bills but in our second "go round" we can do what we really like to do.

Give yourself some space to get used to not having to get up at a certain time and follow a set routine. Then sit down and think back to what you have a passion for or what you always wanted to do. It may take a little time, but good things are worth waiting for.

Good luck and stay positive. Remember, the glass is half full -- not half empty!

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