Keep Moving

by Irwin Lengel
(Auburndale FL USA)

We (my wife and I) have been retired now since 1996 and looking back on the last 27 or so years, if there is one thing that resonates me with the whole aging process is this: ""

I am not talking about moving locations although that has been sort of our lifestyle since 1968, I am talking about keeping our bodies in motion.

While many of us, especially as we age, tend to slow down and not do as much. In this writer's opinion - wrong - wrong - wrong!

I am not talking about running a marathon or anything like that. I am merely saying we should stay active, if only to walk 30 minutes a day.

And while I will admit, I have been negligent about the next few words out of my mouth - strength training as well. Only two days a week - do some physical strength training such as lift some lightweight dumbbells two times a week for 30 minutes (and not necessarily 30 minutes at a time), three sets of ten minutes each set spread out over the day will be sufficient.

I haven't been as dedicated to the strength training as I should have and keep telling myself to start. Someone needs to kick me in the you know where to get me started. But enough about me.

Wendy: Irwin Dear, Heres your kick:


You're welcome! :)

My wife and I have been line dancing since 2004 & 2005 and do so weekly. Our physician always asks us if we are still dancing when we go in to see her and she is always glad when we say yes.

She and many of our other doctors (at our age we tend to see so many more than we did when we were younger - hmmm - whatever happened to the friendly family physician), but I digress. Part of the secret in my humble opinion is that we have kept moving so to speak. Believe me when I say it does make a difference.

Well, I just wanted to stick in my little two cents on the subject of aging. And I need to make it a point to get back to posting here on a weekly basis. It's not that I have a ton of other obligations to fulfill. Plus, it is much more fun than sitting watching the crap on TV these days.

So, in conclusion, y'all have a nice day, and remember "Keep Moving!" By moving, you also know that you are still alive.

Y'all, take care now, ya hear!

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Adding my two cents
by: Ricardo....U.S.A.

Wendy, yes, I as well am still among the living!

I would have to agree with Irwin, MOVING, of any type, BOTH mind & body is imperative as we age.

It can keep depression at length, it can create a social contact if in fact you exercise with friends, it stimulates both body & mind, it tends to keep cholesterol numbers and blood sugar levels in line.

I ONLY see positives to movement, oh, it can also keep your weight in line, win, win, win!

Keep Moving... totally agree!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach


You are spot on! More so because I've spent the last 2.5 years with mom, every morning, at Assisted Living.

I watch the decline. I am surrounded by it.

Those who won't leave their rooms except for meals... lose the most and quicker. They are propped up in front of mindless tv all day. Lots of nothingness is their world.

Others come down to activities, and yes, I participate there to keep them going.

We play wobble ball, a huge balloon-type ball that we hit all over. Many are in wheelchairs, but they can still hit or kick that big ball, and it doesn't hurt if it bangs into them. :) It's great exercise. We all laugh when it's out of control or hits someone, and yet it really is exercise.

There is a lady, Helen, who is 106 years old. She used to eat meals and simply sit by her tv... sad. Now she plays wubble ball, she lifts both arms to swat at it, and crosses her legs and kids with the outer leg! Its really amazing! More movement than she's had in years!

We color, and even that, as child-like as it might seem, is so good. We choose colors, shade them differently, and share our artworks. Coloring helped Mom regain use of her right arm when she first went there, as she had gone for 10 weeks in a sling with a broken shoulder. Little by little, she regained everything.

So many more exercise experiences there... no tradition, just movement to keep people going!

thanks Irwin! So good to see you again!

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