Keeping mentally challenged

by We-zer

I was laid off in 2011 and have not worked since. I looked for a job for a long, long time but nothing really panned out. Then my Mom got sick and after about 8 months passed away. So for the last 5 years I have not done anything as far as a job.

Not sure if after all this time if I am unemployed or retired! I am 65, on Social Security and Medicare so I guess I am retired.

I never was a history enthusiast at all but have developed a real interest in historical things such as expeditions, explorations, inventions. I would enjoy belonging to a like minded group who study historical expeditions inventions, explorations and have discussions on outcomes and mistakes. What could have been done better and easier.

I have no idea where to even look for such groups. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe some kind of an online book club where all members read the same book and then discuss it.

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by: Nikki

History not really my thing. But we have museums in town that hold seminars. If I see something that interests me I have gone. You can join the museums as a member or volunteer. And also previously mentioned historical society.

Tour guiding
by: Margaret Johannesburg

I travelled to Scotland earlier this year. Every castle and museum had retired people leading the tours. Perhaps you could find something of historical interest in your area, learn all about it, and offer to take people there.

by: Carrie/Dallas

There are groups called Meetups in just about every large city where like minded people can get together. There are meetups for just about every interest, and you can even start your own. Most meet at restaurants or coffee shops. Just Google Meetup in your area and voila!
Hope this helps!

Explore Your Local Options
by: Linda/Nevada

If you have a good local library system, you might want to check out their events calendar. I am fortunate to live in a city that has a great library system that is always hosting events for the whole family.

If you don't have this option, check online for specific clubs that are centered around your interests. My specific interest is in the field of foreign languages but I am also finding it hard to find a group of people who share this interest.

There are clubs in my area but their dues are too expensive and they have their meetings at expensive restaurants so I have created my own continuing education program for French.

You might also want to be on the look out for authors who are having reading and signing book events in your area of interests. Sometimes you have to just be your own source of activities that will satisfy your intellectual needs.

I find it hard to find people in my senior housing community that are engaged in activities other than arts and crafts so I create my own world of subjects that I am interested in.

Right now I have a goal for myself to read at least five books in the historical fiction genre and then I plan on moving on to a new genre to expand my reading activities.

I have always believed that I am my best friend and I am the only one that can give myself everything I need. This idea may not set well with most people but it works for me.

Wendy: Linda, I am reading MY DEAR HAMILTON and it's so good! Never read "historical fiction" before... all about the beginnings of the USA and using Alexander Hamilton's wife as the storyteller.

suggesting some ideas
by: Ned St Paul

have you considered contacting you local or state Historical Soc? and their are hobby groups also that can lead to your investigative interests

just a thought
by: Anonymous

I don't know, but do you like that "antiques roadshow" program? Sometimes inventions are discussed so things can be valued and then auctioned. These "evaluator" people might be interesting to you.

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