Kid's crafts

by Helene

Hello! 3 years ago I started doing crafts (something I like to do since 40 years) for the children at a local daycare, such as: I crocheted blanket with a pocket in one corner containing a small felt Teddy Bear they can hug as they are taking their afternoon nap away from home, to bring them a bit of comfort and lots of TLC.

Then I made some slippers for each kids. Also, I sewed a small rag doll for the girl's birthday.

Then for xmas, I made a small elf holding a xmas stocking containing candy canes for each kids.

And last year I made 35 sets of hats & scarves for each kids (including the daycare & the kids who attend after school help session with their homeworks).

Lately I have been doing some crafts with these kids as an after-school activity. They seem to enjoy it, meanwhile it keeps me busy and I feel useful!

Being busy like this, surely eliminates any chance of feeling depressed!

Wendy: Great way to use Kids Crafts as a retiree and I am absolutely sure the kids love the attention too! Great idea!

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by: Helene

For anyone interested in crochet, there are some interesting patterns, instruction video on youtube on how to make those cute lovey blankets for children. Also on there is a very cute panda lovey blanket available to make a security blanket for kids. Enjoy!

Crafting for kids
by: Helene

Recently I came across a fairly new website: where someone can purchase some items & the profit is supporting some organizations such as: diabetes researches, cancer researches, & many more: feeding poor children; rainforest, animals...

I was thinking: there should be something similar to support the poor children in Canada, because we don't realize it, but there are many poor children in our country. It's a darn shame for one of the richest countries of the world! I think we should start by helping the children living in some poor native reserves, without decent houses &/or water system.

Any feedbacks on this matter are welcome!

thanks for the kind words...
by: Helene

I am thinking about some of your comments & I want to add: 'I don't know if these children will remember me as they grow older, but they might remember a kind person who crossed their path when they were young, my crafts might bring some good memories to those kids, at least I hope so. Anyway, in the meantime I am having fun doing something of my free time, and I feel uplifted'

Thank you!
by: Helene

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate your feedback notes.

I just hope that my short story is going to bring some inspiration to a few crafters, or anyone who would like to do volunteer work with children. There is a great need for such activities. I am thinking also in retirement homes, my heart hurts when I visit some people in those homes who are just waiting for the end of their life. Crafting is a great way to keep busy, why these homes don't organize such activities for their residents, instead of playing Bingo!

I don't want to say anything against Bingo, but I can't picture myself playing Bingo everyday like some senior residences, there are better ways to keep busy in life! Bingo is boring to death! I rather hear music (or sometime watch TV, ex: Dr. Oz who gives many good tips to stay healthy) while I knit or crochet!

Also I like to listen to some good audiobooks on CD's while I knit, crochet or sew. Try it, it's great! You can check with your local library & borrow some audiobooks or purchase them online.

Right now I am listening to ''Angel Therapy'' by Doreen Virtue, it's very inspiring and uplifting! I like also Sonia Choquette (how to develop intuition), or Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, etc... They all have very interesting subjects to read or CD's to listen.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life when you retire, keep busy to avoid feeling lonely & depressed. Have fun!

kid's crafts
by: Helen

Sometimes I wish I could do more, because there is a lot of needy children out there. One person alone can only do so much in a day, but I wish I could create a group of volunteers who would enjoy doing crafts for a good cause, and the items could be sent to needy children.

I already have a foundation in mind: Dr. Julien's foundation in Montreal (Hochelaga - Maisonneuve), a poor section of the town where there are many needy children.

I was thinking of knitting (or crocheting) some hats & scarves for these children. And Dr. Julien's foundation could distributes the hats & scarves to those needy children for Christmas.

Anyone cares to join me in this project? Please send me a note!

Kid's Craft
by: Anonymous

Thanks, I appreciate your artistic efforts. It will increase the creativity among kids and they will remember you for long. I congatulate you for your work.

With regards,

Just another note...
by: Helene

I should mention that doing crafts might not be for everyone, but there are other jobs for volunteers such as reading stories to young kids, or for children of school age you can help them with their homeworks. If you would like to do volunteer work with children, you can find something to do to help, check with your local social services.

Kids Crafts
by: Irwin Lengel

What a neat way to enjoy retirement.

You are doing that which you enjoy doing and you get double the satisfaction in the process.

First - the happiness you feel when you are crafting the items and

Second - the happiness you feel when you see the smiles and joy on the faces of the children who are on the receiving end of your crafts.

Great way to spend your retirement.

Thanks for sharing.

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