Kids Face Painting for Beginners

Would you ever consider Kids Face Painting as a hobby/small business?  What FUN!

This is a really creative idea... and it requires you to be OUT of the home. Great idea for anyone out there who like to chat with kids!

Just practice a bit -- go to any park, library, public place and do some free face painting -- as you hand your buiness card or flyer to the parents!

You can Market and/or DO your Face Painting Services at many events:

  • Birthday parties
  • Kids Face Painting parties
  • School Picnics, Carnivals, Festival
  • Home Shows
  • Boat Shows
  • Craft Fairs
  • Library Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Church functions
  • Book Stores

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Imagine those smiling faces, happy with your face painting designs!!

Face painting doesn't take a lot of skill -- you just need to know the secrets of the pros.

Anyone With The Desire Can Learn To Have A Successful Face Painting Business ... Even If They Feel They Have No Artistic Talent At All

Look at the Amazon products, the first two have stencils. Easy peasy to put a colorful butterfly design on a little girls cheek, right?

Learn more here about Face Painting for kids! Free face painting videos

For maybe $20 you've got an awesome happiness-filled hobby -- and a business too, if you care to pursue it in that manner.

What a fun and creative idea to work with kids, when YOU choose to, for fun and profit!