Lack of Senior Housing

by Geneva
(Buffalo, MN)

Our town has very little senior housing and most of it is rental so it's difficult for seniors to buy a home.

It was sheer luck that we found this condo and the people who owned it liked us and wanted us to live here. We were also in a position to buy the condo before the house was sold or it would have been gone. It is in a secure building and the people are all very friendly.

A coffee party was held for us before we moved in so we could meet people. We also have underground parking which is almost a necessity in a Minnesota winter.

We are right downtown so we can walk to many places; beauty shop, senior center, post office, drug store, and many other places.

We think we will be very happy here. Geneva

Wendy: WOW... sounds like the perfect senior condos! Kudos to you for finding them!

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A Fabulous End to Life ....
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India.

Dear friends,

Congratulations to you all on the nice residences that you have for you in your senior years. Very few people in India are that lucky. Let me tell you a true story.

In the early 1950s we lived in a large temple complex on the banks of river Ganga in the holy city of Allahabad in north central India,There were nearly a dozen other tenants in the complex, which had a large Hindu temple also. The temple management had a policy of providing free hospitality to very old homeless people.

One day, a thin, old, good looking man arrived to seek shelter in the temple complex. He handed over to the temple priest INR 700 which was his only possession and sought a shelter in the temple with a request that when he died, his last rites were to be performed by the temple management. Refusal was out of question, and the old man was provided with a simple Kothri (cubicle)to live.

Ammam my mother, a kind hearted woman at once sent me to the old man with hot tea and some eatables, which he accepted. We also provided him with a CHARPAI (a simple bed made of bamboo and wheat husk ropes and a simple bedding. I was 8 or so, and the old man felt very good when I addressed him as "Baba" (Hindi for grandpa.

When Baba came to return the tea cup, he asked to take a single rose that grew in a flower pot.
Amma readily gave the rose to Baba. Next day Baba came with a small cotton ball stuck on a thin needle of wood. He gave it to Amma. Sweet small of rose fragrance came from the cotton bud. Baba then disclosed that he was a professional SUGANDHI (Hindi for scent maker) Baba could make scents from anything, even soft earth soil after rains. That would smell like earth. Baba became friendly with all neighbors. Amma would usually provide Baba with breakfast and dinner. Baba was a very frugal eater and it was no problem feeding him.

An year or two later, Baba did not unlock the door of his cubicle. The door had to be broken open. Baba lay on his neat bed. He had died. On the walls of the cubicle, he had stuck cotton buds with different scents - rose, marigold, some other local flowers. He knew that death was near.

He had cleaned his room and was wearing spotless white dress. He was taken to river Ganga and cremated on its banks. He died a peaceful death and his last rites were dignified although he did not have anyone to call his own.

Babuji, my father, often asked Baba about his family, children etc. But Baba never gave a reply. He just smiled lightly, with a tinge of sadness in his eyes. He died peacefully in a dignified way in the midst of people who loved him.

Affordable Senior Housing
by: Barbara

It is possible to own your own home in beautiful sunny Southern California. If you are 55+ and wish to live in a master-planned community, I can help you.

Our homeowners enjoy living in a safe environment with 24-hour security. We have recreation activities which includes golf, swimming, cards, dances, art classes, social clubs etc. We have onsite bus service, 24-hour medical facilities, post office, banks, library and amphitheater.

I invite you to contact me for more details.

everyoneiswelcome AT

Lack of Senior Housing
by: Judy Marriott

We have lots of senior housing here in our State. The only problem is you have to be almost poverty level to get into it. This to me is very unfair.

My husband and I are both in our 70's, and because our income is $200 over the allowed income limit, we are not eligible for senior housing. And the odd part of it is that once you get into the housing, the amount of your income no longer matters and you can be as rich as a king.

It is my opinion that this is nothing more than discrimination. A senior citizen is a senior citizen, and all should be treated the same.

Many seniors that are well off or have comfortable incomes can no longer take care of a large home and need to downsize. If it goes according to a persons income, than let those that can afford it pay a bit more - I am sure no senior would have a problem with that. All senior citizens have worked hard their entire lives, and contributed so much to our country. I think all of us need to be treated the same regardless of our income.

Just my opinion, not that it counts for much.

Senior Housing
by: Zenobia

Hi There!

I live in Minnesota as well, but far away from Buffalo. I live in what was once adult and senior housing only ( I am a renter) and then it changed to multi family and in came the trouble.

I am blessed to work and live in the same place. I work in the office part time and "float" to other offices owned by the same company.

I am single ( widowed and divorced) almost 65, very active and not ready for the typically thought of "senior" digs, but there seems to be no "in between" for me. I am also blessed to have a section 8 voucher to get me into "some" places without the stigma attached that I neither earned or contributed to.

I wish I could find a little house to rent with one bedroom because when my grandson ( whom I raised) moves out, section 8 will not allow me to have this huge two bedroom that I love so much.

Anyway, I am not writing to gripe, I am writing to congratulate you on your wonderful find. Enjoy it to the utmost!

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