Ladders and me!

by Irwin

While sitting here this morning alone with my thoughts, I am taken back to just yesterday while on a ladder scrubbing the back of Unit #62 (our venture into becoming a landlord).

It all started with a letter received from the office indicating that we need to clean the exterior of the house and specifically made mention of the shed and A/C pad. We were given until Feb 15 to get it done. Seeing that the letter I received on unit 252 (our home) a week earlier specifically said power wash and the letter on unit 62 did not, I took the letter to mean clean the shed and A/C pad only. With that thought in mind, we arrived at unit 62 with the Power washer (it is easier than scrubbing with a brush), sponge mop, and brand new hose around 2 pm. Should take about an hour I said to myself. Fat chance!

But, yes - there is that inevitable "but". One thing led to another and we ended up running back to the house on several occasions for electric, scissors, ties, the ladder, different sponge mops, etc. What I thought was going to be a simple job eventually became a big job requiring me to make many trips up and down a ladder using muscles that haven't been used in years all while saying to myself that I am getting too old for this stuff.

Why, at age 72, I would even consider tackling such a project when I know how exhausting the work can be, is beyond me? Perhaps I did it because I may have said to myself: “You are never too old to do physical labor!”

But one thing I did learn after climbing a ladder for three hours was this: “There does come a time when paying for work to be done makes sense, and at our age, what with climbing ladders being part of the scenario just described, yesterday's job should have been one of those times.

While we were considerably pleased with the job once it was over and done with, next time I think I will pass and pay the $65. We would have gotten more bang for our buck so to speak by paying to have the job done and not have been so sore this morning.

Now that both houses are cleaned we can move on to other minor jobs needing my attention. The nice thing about those upcoming jobs though is that they are simple in nature. Hopefully, my days of working off of a ladder are over. What about you?

Until next time.

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Re: Various comments to my blog post as related to the ladder
by: Irwin

Thank you one and all for your comments and concerns about my episode with the ladder. First of all, believe me when I say, it was never my intent nor my expectation that the "small" job I thought it was would end up being such a gigantic task and one that involved me and a ladder. Rest assured my ladder climbing days are over.

In the future I will be paying someone else to do any type of physical labor work that this body is no longer suited for.

So, Ricardo, Arthur, Carol, and Wendy - my intentions are to continue writing, teaching, line dancing, performing, and adding blog posts for your enjoyment here at Retirement-online. Should any big household tasks come up, I will hire them out. Fair enough.

Speaking of dancing, we have a gig coming up on the 21st of this month when we will be dancing at a Ladies Luncheon (St. Joseph's Lutheran Church), and then our group will be putting on a line dancing demonstration at the Polk Senior Games in March as well as dancing at another retirement home later in March. That is just our line dance group.

Besides that, we (my wife and I) are hosting a Talent Show on the 21st of this month (evening show) followed by a High Tea on the 22nd of February (we are assisting with that one). Then, also in March, we will be performing once again in a Mystery Dinner Theater event - remember Evening in Paris?

In case you haven't figured it out - we have involved ourselves with two main hobbies - that of line dancing with our group outside of the park where we live and the other with becoming involved with fun activities and events for the entertainment of those individuals that reside here in the park where we live. We are of the opinion that life is too short not to laugh or dance and hence the various nutty escapades we involve ourselves in. So stay tuned - more to come.

Talk to you all later - until then keep on dancing!

by: Ricardo

Irwin.....I am surprised at you. My father always told me, do NOT put off until tomorrow what you can do today, and he was SO right.

Had you been "on top" of this maintenance issue on a routine basis you would not have been placed in this situation.....come on, climbing on a ladder as we age......when it is not mandatory....not wise my friend, not wise!

We want you around to continue "blogging", but NOT when you make unwise only takes ONE slip, and it would be a lot costlier than "65" dollars.

Our health is our most precious asset....think twice next time my friend......and continue to enjoy your retirement......but Think!

by: Arthur C. Ford,poet/editorAnonymous





It's hard to realize that my body is no longer young and flexible...
by: Carol

A few days ago sitting in my cousin's sunny, warm living room on a sofa that is now too soft and too low for my knees, I commented that 70 is the new 40.

I understand how you feel about wanting to continue doing work that we so easily did years ago. This past year I found someone to do my gardening for me.

Gardening was always my pride and joy. But you know what! Dan, an young man, did a better job than I ever did. He works for a landscaper. He pruned the bushes, weeded, brought plants to enhance the garden, and on and on. He bags the leaves, no bending over for me, no aching back, no aching knees. I sit in a garden chair and chat with Dan as he works.

Now, if I could only convince myself that having someone clean the house would be good for me - - I know it would be good for the house, which years ago was too small and now is too large.

Wendy: Carol - A monthly housekeeper visit is a luxury I afford myself. I keep up my house in between, but my housekeeper gal comes in monthly and does a good cleaning. The house sparkles! Love those weeks!

Irwin - pay for it next time... you can afford it, its not often (like my monthly splurge) but is so worthwhile to have someone else do it. Take Care of yourself...

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