Large Paper Mache Sculpture

by ElaineD

Instead of hauling away newspaper to the recycling depot I've decided to keep it for something constructive. Or lets say I will construct just something out of it. And since way back years ago when I had volunteered at my son's elementary school's craft class in helping to make some large paper mache projects--now in my senior years I will be back to the joy of this messy but creative project as my latest hobby.

It takes a bit of time to start it off so I'm just in the stage of shredding paper. Together with the shredded newspaper I will later use other paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels.

I've also collected some pieces of flexible wire and balloons which will be used for the framework of the sculpture. I will not start constructing the framework till I know how much paper mush I can make from that shredded paper. I'd love to make a life sized French bulldog sculpture and I think I will have enough supplies for such. But if not; well, it might be just some small seal or something without four limbs :)

Besides all the rougher mush I will end up with I will have to also make some paper mache clay for the sooth finishing. Won't bore you with the other few ingredients since the recipe is easily gotten off the internet.

Since I have only started this hobby or project, I have no finished sculpture to show you. So, if anyone is interested in what paper mache sculptures can look like then again- it's easy to search it out on the internet.

I'd love to hear from any one of you seniors of what you think of this type of hobby and what you think of a person of our age that tackles such.

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paper mache sculpture
by: jojo/california


congrats for starting your project!

how did you shred your paper - thru a regular office shredder?

i don’t think you should down-size what you want to make.

i was thinking maybe try something smaller just to get an idea of how to mold the wire, water to paper ratio, etc. so your ultimate project will be a fun success!

kind of like in knitting and crochet we make (or are supposed to) a gauge swatch to see if we have to tinker with needle or hook size, etc. the gauge swatch is a 4" x 4" square - so you get the idea - something small. before going at the project itself.

please keep us or at least me posted on your progress.

how exciting for you!

Paper Mache Sculpture, thank you ladies
by: ElaineD

Thank you so much for the encouragement Jojo, Sherry and special thanks to Wendy. It means a lot to me!

I have finished a whole big bag of shredded paper and will have to store it for a while now till a rainy day, which I'm sure will come about sooner than later. The weather turned out to be spring-like so now I'm going to be out the door as much as I can to do some yard prep for gardening. But I sure will not give up on my paper sculpture even if it means to downsize it as to what Jojo mentioned.

Wendy, you are such a wonderful person for providing us older folk this community connection in helping to improving our life!!

what a wonderful idea!
by: jojo/CA

i think your idea is wonderful and i might give it a go when knitting/crocheting/cross-stitch are too much for my eyes and concentration level.

plus, who wouldn’t enjoy getting messy like when we were kids (this brings back memories and makes me wonder why not try it myself as well as give finger painting a go all these decades later) - i think using visual and tactile senses in one project is great and even if one only makes a bowl, you don’t need training to do it as you would if you were making a pottery one. for the latter, pretty much a ballon or bowl for a mold and the papiermache.

almost instant gratification!

please keep us updated! hope you achieve your 4 legged goal. maybe start with something smaller and simpler first to get to there? for one thing, it would dry faster and then you could try out how you’ll paint/seal it to last.

best wishes and have fun!


Paper Mache Sculpture
by: Sherry/ NC

It is always satisfying and creative to use your imagination!!
GO FOR IT!!!!!

Paper Mache People!
by: Wendy

My cousins wife, 20 years ago, made a couple sitting on a park bench for their farm... LOVE this idea!

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