Law Enforcement Retirement: No second guessing

by Michael/ Washington DC

I retired from a major law enforcement agency at the age of 47. I was an up and coming star and was high on the rank structure after 25 years. I left with a pension of around 76k. If I had stayed 3 more years, with personnel changes that too place after i retired, my pension would be around 116k. That’s a huge difference.

I have some regrets but overall, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

We measure success and happiness by our bank accounts. Take a missions trip and see what "poor" really is. See what happiness really is. Clean water; a place to sleep, one meal a day. People live like that and are happier than we are.

Keep moving forward and realize your purpose on this earth is not to serve yourself, but to help others.

Get help if depressed, start over somewhere in the workforce and be the old salty guy or gal but mentor younger people and find happiness in that.

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Law Enforcement Retirement
by: Anonymous

First of all, thank you for risking your life everyday FOR US! Many people don't realize the danger you are always facing!

2nd, you are right about seeing how others live on less than ourselves and still find ways to be happy! I need to do some "Mission" work on my own.. as now I am fully retired and still can function well! Take care, and enjoy your Missions!

Speaking of Missions, if you are ever in San Diego, visit Mission San Diego Al Cala, and I'll even treat you to lunch or dinner!

Law Enforcement Retirement
by: Sherry/NC

Yes, yes, yes, our life is to serve others!!!!! When I help others I get the best feeling in the world!!!!

Good luck and God Bless you in your retirement.

Thank you, Michael

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