Lazy husband reply.

by Kathy Davis
(Augusta GA)

Ditto to lazy husband letters. My story is the same basically. But for the majority of his life and now is irresponsibility.

In addition to being the laziest man on earth. I take care of it all. He is 72 in good health. Depressed, always. I get all these answers submitted. I get it.

But, what I don't get is who is gonna take care of things if I just ignore him and do my own thing? There is a fine line between lazy and just being totally irresponsible.

Financial bankruptcy twice did not open his eyes. His mortgage banker initiating foreclosure twice did not bother him. Cat litter job that he agreed to, never got changed. Roof leaks, toilet runs for hours, newspapers never put in trash. This goes on forever.

He is retired army. No job didn't affect him. It just showed me the real man I'm stuck with. He will not change any. I stay angry at him. He says he loves me. I love him. How do I accept him when I know he could do better?

He is intelligent. He goes weekly to a therapist. He sits all day. Extremely negative.

His car never gets maintenance. He just drives it until it dies on the road. Then finds a dealer to finance another at 50% interest.


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Lazy Husband Reply
by: Malcolm/Huntsville AL

I want to say don't be so down on him. My circumstances are slightly different as I lost my wife in 2019, but I know how he feels.

I went from having hundreds of people depending on me to do my job and people who I could go to for help or information, to no-one. Yes your there for him but it isn't the same.

I am depressed I have a ton of jobs that need to be done inside of the two rooms I live in. Just cleaning up these two rooms which could be done quickly, I don't care about doing.

Help him find something where he is engaged with people once again. I haven't found mine yet, but I know there has to be something more than sitting in this chair and looking out the window.

Lazy husband
by: Georgia

HE is NOT going to change no matter how much therapy he receives. My ex-husband was disengaged from our family only played with his friends, volunteer fire department, hunting, fishing, boating and cheating.

Went to therapy once and therapist told me he could never be a father, husband or partner.

We never went on a vacation and he never got involved with our three daughters, they were not sons! So after 11 years I gave in trying to change him and moved on with our daughters.

Fast forward 50 years and he is still the same except with physical limitations he can’t party any more. Lonely old man.

This stuck with me when I was deciding to live MY life and leave him behind. You can love someone and not like them. I realized I did not like nor respect him, moved on snd do not regret it one bit.

Don’t let this person destroy what life YOU still have. You can’t save him but you can save yourself!

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