Learning by MOOCs in your retirement

by KALISA Alphonse
(Huye, Southern Province, RWANDA)

I am 64 years old. I have not been lucky during my studies because i finished my secondary school in 1975 and not had access to university due to lack of scholarship . I resumed my studies after 20 years and as of 1995 i began university . Now i have earned a bachelor's degree of public administration.

It is not possible for me to pursue a master or a PhD in my retirement though it was my passion.

Do not worry! If you have a great passion of studies, you can continue learning during you retirement because you can earn a lot of certificates by free or affordable MOOCs (Massive Open Online courses).

Now i am planning to earn a diploma of 2 year philosophy and 2 year theology MOOC for francophone at "Institut Docteur Angelique" in Belgium.

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MOOCs rock!
by: Laura in Vermont

Congratulations on your educational attainments! It's never too late to learn something new. My plans for retirement include language study, something I've enjoyed in the past. I hope to get a decent level of functioning in Russian, Spanish, and maybe I'll try Mandarin too. Woot!

Learning by MOOCs
by: Sherry/ NC USA

Hi there, this is an excellent way to stay busy and improve yourself!!

Rock and roll!!!

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